Believe it or not workplace wellness is extremely important. The healthier your employees are mentally and physical, the more productivity you will receive from them. Workplace wellness affects everyone. If a person is physical ill their productivity will slow. They will in turn probably be grumpy and this could affect the other employees and possibly their work too. They can also infect the rest of your staff with their illness which could result in call outs and even less productivity. Workplace wellness does not just imply physical wellness. It also carries over to mental wellness too. Stressful situations, lack of sleep, problems at home can all affect a person’s work. In order to have a healthy business you must have a healthy staff.

The first step to having workplace wellness is to offer a good insurance program. This can be a pricey step, but to keep your employees healthy it is worth it. If a person gets sick and they are capable of seeing a doctor right of way, it will result in less missed work and reduce the possibility of it spreading to other employees.

Exercise is always important to staying health. Exercise is also a great way to improve self esteem, which if your employees are happy with themselves there is a good chance they will work better. Many businesses these days encourage their employees to stay fit by offering a gym program. As the employer you may offer to pay a certain percent of the membership while the employee pays the other percent.

Mental health issues can be more disruptive to productivity them most people come to realize. If an employee is having problems at home, it is more than likely going to carry over to their work. Start a stress relief program within your company. A great form of stress relief is yoga. Maybe have a yoga instructor come in and teach your employees some poses and breathing techniques to help reduce stress. You could offer your employees discount therapy or have someone that your employees can always talk to if problems arise.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to workplace wellness is lack of sleep. Many people are just not getting the correct amount of sleep that their bodies need. The lack of a good night of sleep will cause your employees to be inattentive and drowsy. Here are some tips to give to your employees to help them get a better night of rest.

  • Not all beds are suited for all people. People with back problems might need a stiffer mattress then someone who does not have back problems. Make sure beds and pillows are comfortable to each individual.
  • A good excise routine is a great way to help get a good night of sleep. Just don’t exercise after dinner because it will keep a person up even longer.
  • Bedrooms should be calm relaxing places, where people can go to escape the stress of daily life. So it is important that bedrooms are clean, dark, and quit.
  • Drinking caffeine at night will keep people up longer. It’s a good idea to only drink caffeine only in the morning.
  • There shouldn’t be a television or stereo located in the bedroom. The bedroom should only be for sleeping.
  • It is always a great idea to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Getting the body into a routine will help set the eternal clock and the body will let the person know it’s time to go to bed.
  • Try to avoid Alcohol and nicotine as much as possible.
  • Try to eat dinner before 6:00 PM and don’t eat after. Eating right before sleep can keep a person up. Restricting fluids before bed is always a good idea.
  • Taking long naps during the day is never a good idea. It is a sure fire way to keep a person up at night.
  • After a person gets into bed at night they really should try to relax. Practicing some breathing techniques is always a great way to relax.
  • If a person cannot fall asleep, they should not continue to lie in bed. Get up and do something. Read a book for a while watch some television, they should try to tire their mind out some.


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