Workplace violence is a very series thing and is not to be taken lightly. Workplace violence is the fourth leading cause of job related injury in the United States. It is the second leading cause for males and the first for females. In 1994 around 1,100 people were murder while at work. Workplace violence is not just about murder; many other people are threatened, harassed, and sometimes seriously injured.

In July of 1994 more than one million people dealt with some form of workplace violence. One in six violent crimes in the United States takes place at work. Here are some different types of crime and the percent that happen at work 16% of assaults, 8% of rapes, and 7% of robberies. Out of these violent crimes 30% of the perpetrators were armed and 33% of them were armed with hand guns. 16% of workplace violence victims incur injury and 10% of those must be hospitalized.

Here are some ideas where violence in the workplace is most likely to occur. When a person is working late at night, or in the early morning hours their chances of work place violence greatly increases. If a person is by themselves or in a small group then work place violence becomes more prevalent. The exchange of money in public place also causes violence. If a person is working in an area with higher crime rates they stand a better chance of encountering workplace violence.

OSHA has come up with guidelines and ideas for dealing with workplace violence but at the moment has not instated rules that must be followed. OSHA recommends a violence prevention plan to be put into action at all business. The program should be available to all employees including management. The purpose of the program should be to keep documentation of the reduction in work related violence. It is also important the program reduces the threat of workplace violence and helps to cut back the severity of the injuries that do take place.
Management needs to take a very active role in the program, making sure everyone is following the program. Take time to look for signs around the business that could poetically cause workplace violence. It is up to management to come up with a written program that everyone can comprehend and go by. Training is extremely important. Let your employees know how to handle certain situations that could arise. Let your employees know that they can come to you with any danger that they may think exist. If they are scared have a suggestion box where your employees can put their suggestions in anonymously. OSHA requires documentation of all workplace violence and the training that is being done to prevent the violence.

Violence in the office or workplace happens and sometimes people are seriously hurt and even killed. Some situations you cannot prevent, but other situations are very preventable. Be aware of what is going on in your workplace. Take control and make sure that all you employees have the proper training. Always have an open door policy that allows your employees to come and talk to you about any concerns that they might have. Workplace violence might not be able to be stopped all together but it can be greatly reduced.


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