Today, some workplace safety tips for your office. These tips are for a small workplace and not for a restaurant or corporate office building setting. There are a myriad of other posts dedicated to large corporations, construction, restaurants, electrical, and other types of employment safety review should you be interested in preventing disasters in a larger work environment or maintaining your safety protocols state to state or country to country.

When dealing with small office safety, just a few secretaries or what have you there seems to be nothing one can do to stay safe or encourage safety in such a small environment. This is certainly not the case, there are just as many things that can go wrong at a small business as there are with big businesses. Slip and fall hazards, sharp objects that can cut or slice, parking locations and the handicap, bathroom maintenance, kitchen cleaing and maintenance methods. There are just as many safety tips to consider for you the small business owner as there are for others with more employees.

The truth of the matter is that it can be difficult for a small office to notice these safety hazards and make them safety concerns for their employees and for their customer’s well being. Something as simple as putting ice down during a snow storm in your parking lot no matter how small can play a major role in saving you a lot of money when it comes to insurance claims and law suets down the road.

Anything can happen when you deal with the public! You should remember that always and prepare for the worst. As much as we may like to believe that everyone in the world is as darling sweet as our favorite grandmother that is sadly just not the case. Some people actually go around looking for “accidents” they can cause themselves.

I once watched a show on TV where this little old lady, cute as a button walks into a casino elevator. The lady comes out of the casino elevator on casino level a few minutes after entering the elevator on a different floor. She is completly dishevelled and appears to have been beaten while riding the elevator from the floor she was just on to the casino floor! After calling for a security guard and telling the guard that someone had assaulted her, the guard immediately came to her aid and reporting the situation back to his supervisors. The casino, generally not the sort of place to slack when it comes to apprehending felons immediately went to the video clips and rolled back to the time when the lady was riding on the elevator. Well 5 minutes later, rolling in the floor in laughter after watching this lady beat the ever-loving crap out of herself in the elevator with her own cane! I came to realize that it is simply astonishing what some people will do to make a buck, from a 21 year old street savy scammer to that little old lady in the elevator, what is the world coming to?


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