It can be hard to find free online workplace safety talks and safety training programs online. Many sites offer training programs but they can cost you from a few hundred dollars into the thousands or they say they offer training and you click on the link and it’s a bunch words that don’t have any real fact content. I spent some hours going through places that said to offer free safety training and managed to find some really great sites that cover many topics that deal with workplace safety and many other types of safety not just workplace safety. Here are seven different sites with lots of valuable training programs and information.

List Of Workplace Safety Talk Topics


United States Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSHA has lots of very valuable Information on safety of all sorts. All their rules and regulations are there and much more. The problem with the OSHA site is it can be a little time consuming trying to find the information that you really need.


If you are looking for a site that offers great workplace safety talks and meetings then check this sight out. It is a free site and they cover many topics from construction to more general topics like back problems.

Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety & Health

This site is fabulous if you are looking for a lot of free information dealing with construction. They offer lots of training information at no cost to you. This site covers many topics dealing with all types of construction.

Center of Excellence for Electrical Safety

This site offers lots of free information on electrical safety. They cover a very broad range of topics and have lots of free training too. You can also read about electrical accidents that already have happened.


More Safety Talks For The Workplace

This site is one of the only sites that I could find that offered a forklift training program. This program cuts right to the chase and delivers only facts but can definitely be put to good use. Here are some other free training programs this site offers handling pesticides, preventing slips and trips, protective clothing, back injury prevention, working safely with and around electricity, safety working around tractors, safety working with and around farm house animals, proper use of a respirator, and a few others. It also offers a direct link to OSHA’s training programs. This site is free.

Princeton University Environmental Health & Safety

This site offers very hard to find free lab safety information. A lot of the information has to do with the procedures that are used at Princeton University but are great ideas that can be used by anyone for lab safety. They also have some valuable information on workplace safety, radiation safety, and biological safety. The information on this site is free.


I saved the best for last. This site had a very large database of training programs. Almost anything you could be looking for you can find on this site. Here are just a few of the topics it covers workplace violence, OSHA regulations, setting up your own safety programs, workplace safety and hazards, setting up your own safety programs, and so many more.

If you know or happen to come across any more sites dealing with workplace safety talks or safety training programs feel free to post then here.


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