Workplace Safety Quiz RoomOne fun way to check your employees knowledge is to have a workplace safety quiz. In addition to workplace safety awareness meetings, workplace safety checklists, daily safety quotes, and safety posters, you can really maximize your attention to safety and test your employees to see if all of your safety training is paying off. There are two kinds of quizzes, generic workplace safety quizzes and quizzes specific to your field of work. Should you administer a quiz that includes both generic and specific safety questions, or issue one quiz that is generic and one that is specific? On the one hand, a complete quiz seems like more of an efficient use of time. On the other hand, breaking the safety quiz questions into two separate quizzes may help to focus employees more and have them think more carefully about safety.

It is recommended that if you are employer, you should issue two separate safety quizzes, one with generic questions, and one with questions specific to the field. By have two separate quizzes, they can be conducted on different days and the employees may focus on each quiz separately, so it will not even seem like an inefficient use of time. It also allows you to more quickly asses an employees generic safety knowledge and their field specific safety knowledge.

When is a good time to issue these quizzes? Well, it should correlate with any recent safety training. Quotes, posters, and tips happen on a daily basis, so it should not be based off of that. Instead, whenever there is an instruction to study workplace safety, or when there is a safety meeting, sometime after these events is when quizzes should take place. Obviously, the quizzes should be in direct reference to the material covered during these events. It is not recommend that you issue a quiz immediately after the formal safety training. Instead, allow a few days to go by. A decent rule of thumb is to issue the appropriate workplace safety quiz as many days after the material equal to the number of hours spent on the material. So, if you have an extensive 7 hour meeting, wait one week before issuing the quiz. This way you can see if the material covered was internalized by your employees.

Generic Workplace Safety Quizzes

Generic safety quizzes can entail an awful lot of material because there are so many topics that apply to workplace safety regardless of the field. Workplace violence safety, fire safety, electrical safety, disaster safety, workplace safety responsibility, and crime safety are just a few of these generic quiz topics that you can cover.


  • Is workplace safety is solely the responsibility of the employer and/or safety manager?
  • Should all injuries, no matter how small, be reported to a supervisor?
  • Can you receive disciplinary action for not wearing required workplace safety equipment (ie hardhats, gloves, boots)?
  • Is it acceptable and safe to work in a messy area, even if that is what the worker prefers?
  • Is safety merely common sense, is it a waste of time to execute workplace safety training?
  • Should employees be trained on how to use a ladder?
  • Should there be a plan for the event of accidents, or should they just be handled at the time they occur?
  • Should there be special procedures for physically impaired employees?
    Workplace Environment

  • Is floor covering used more than any other part of the building?
  • Is it safe to use a chair, table, or desk as a ‘ladder’ as long as the person using it has a spotter?
  • Does cleaning and disinfecting surfaces prevent mold?
  • Should carpet be installed in areas where there is a moisture problem to ’soak it up’?
  • Is a common cause of injuries related to a messy, disorganized workplace?
  • Do careless workers pose a safety risk to other workers, or only to themselves?
    Crime Prevention Safety

  • Is replacing burnt out light bulbs a good way to deter crime?
  • Does adherence to dress code facilitate safety?
  • Can police assess the safety and security risks of your workplace?
  • Is a clean, neat, and organize workplace a crime deterrent?
  • Should sign-in sheets and badges be required for vendors and visitors?
  • Should employees be trained to check vehicles in high risk areas?
  • Are inexpensive crime deterrents often effective?
  • Should employees attempt to discern empty threats from real threats?

Construction Workplace Safety Quiz Questions

  • What are the most common causes of roof failure?
  • Should you wear sneakers, leather boots, or steel toed boots to the worksite?
  • Are you authorized to enter restricted areas?
  • When working on a scaffold, should you use fall arrest equipment, a guard rail, or both?
  • Should you wear your safety equipment, even if you are on break?

Electrical Workplace Safety Quiz Questions

Electrical Safety is very important to almost any business because all business use electricity. At one time or another, and electrical hazard will develop. Someone will be exposed to danger, and someone may get electrocuted. Someone will have to respond and take action in the event of electrocution.

  • If there is a spill, whose responsibility is it to clean it up?
  • What amount of electricity can seriously harm a person?
  • What amount can be fatal?
  • What should you do if you discover an exposed wire?
  • What should you do if some gets electrocuted at work?
  • What kind of electrical safety equipment should be used in the workplace?
Workplace Fire Safety Quiz Questions

Workplace Fire Safety falls under the generic quiz, but it is a substantial enough topic that you may want to make a separate test for this as well. So you may in the end have three safety quizzes, one generic, one fire, and one specific to the field.

  • In the event of a fire, should you use the escalator?
  • Can simply any operate a fire extinguisher in the event of a fire?
  • Should gasoline for lawn tools be stored in special containers?
  • Should exterior doors be chained or padlocked to prevent inappropriate use of them?

Regardless of what safety concerns your company may have, creating a workplace safety quiz serves to provide continuing education to existing employees as well as train new employees in the safety methods your company requires. Having a standard workplace safety quiz is even a good first step when weeding out new employees during the hiring process. Find out how familiar and comfortable your new employees are with safety related to your industry.


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