What workplace safety topics are appropriate for your office’s safety meetings?

Whether you are conducting weekly safety meetings and need to be at a constant vigil for new safety topics to discuss at the meeting, or your meetings are help more sporadically over longer durations of time you are faced with some of the same dilemmas.  You must consider time, attentions spans, ability, and what are the most important matters that need be covered this meeting.  Prior to your meeting, gather your materials and prepare your presentation with care as you fashion each topic to be discussed at the meeting.  A search for free safety meeting topics may provide an easy foundation to build on as beginners are oft time discouraged by the monotony of creating new and interesting discussions for those to whom they are responsible for explaining these safety topics.

I will take some time here to guide you through a sample meeting and what common safety topics you might cover through the course of a normal office safety meeting or discussion group.

Preparing Topics For Your Office Safety Meetings

Okay so as we previously stated we are going to prepare our safety materials.  Search out some interesting topics that we might be able to use for our specific type of safety precaution and procedures.  Then we are going to decide which topics we need to go into detail with explanations and which topics we can briefly touch on and regardless of whether our employees absorb the information or not we will still be satisfied.  Do not prepare a lecture that takes longer to read than the Bible!  Let’s say our weekly safety meeting is an hour long, we are going to break this meeting down into 3 topics.  We are going to do our explaining of each topics one at a time and then field questions.  So the plan is to break up the session into 6 parts, 3 repetitions of 2.  We will first present the topic, explain the topic in detail and do any ’show and tell’, meaning we will present any safety pictures, safety signs, safety slogans or perhaps some original safety quotes that we have created ahead of time. 

After explaining our first topic, let’s say for a restaurant now we will be explaining floor safety.  We will discuss what this means to the employees, what we are talking about when we say ‘floor safety’.  We will explain to them this means not only accidents that can happen to due spills or wet floors but also accidents that can occur due to cluttered paths.  We will show them how to keep their workspace clean and to avoid tripping hazards.  We will explain how when traveling through the kitchen area, how kitchen safety and keeping routes through the kitchen clear for those carrying trays avoids burns, cut, fire, or worse.  Then we will demonstrate the new use of safety cones recently purchased that will be used by the expediters in their off time when cleaning the floors, they will set up their new cones which have small images of people slipping and falling.  We will be placing our new safety poster on doors leading into and out of the dining area warning waitresses to be careful when carrying trays entering and exiting the kitchen area.  And of course our original safety quote that all the employees can laugh at, ‘Just chill, look both ways before you spill.’  This may actually sound like a joke, but this is actually one of the best pieces of advice you can find.  Go ahead and make that quote up yourself, you may find your employees remember the quote better because it brings a smile to their face, albeit at your expense, but you are getting the message through!

Workplace Safety Meeting Topic Summaries

At the end of the 10 minute discussion on the first of the safety meeting topics you will take the next ten minutes to field questions from your staff.  Once you are satisfied everyone is up to speed on the safety topics you put forward you will move to the next 10 minute safety discussion and then proceed to the questions and answers follow up again.  For our scenario we cover 3 topics per meeting, through perhaps we run a bit over the time limit for often than not ;)


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