Safety games for the workplace turn the tables on what most employees consider to be one of the most monotonous tasks of their employ. The last thing your employee wants is to come in on a day off for a safety exam. Rounding up twenty five employees to gather around a conference table to listen to one more humdrum workplace safety seminars certainly does not serve to inspire your employees to remember the workplace safety facts that you are putting forward in your meetings. Recently an employee here had been called in on a day off along with five or ten other workers to join a workplace safety seminar. Listening to the stories of what activities were put into action for him certainly shed some light on a subject that sometimes employers forget can be a tedious exercise for their staff. Sitting down in a room for two hours of safety testing, though an excellent reference and educational experience for workers, sometimes serve to bore the employee out of their mind and actually serve the opposite effect than one may want. Stories of how silly the questions were and how ridiculous the advice on safety was littered the air as this employee recanted the deatils of his seminar.

So what is the alternative to the monotony your employees fear from a workplace safety lecture? Safety games for the workplace encourage your employees to remember their safety precautions in a way which serves to better aid them to recall these details on demand when needed without even realizing that this is happening. So workplace safety games seem silly perhaps? What workplace safety games could you possibly conjure in an effort to stimulate your employees to care about workplace safety? Though I won’t be presenting a list of workplace safety games that you could start on location at your business I will take the time to point out a popular game that works in any work environment. So what is my favorite workplace safety game? Bingo, Of course! Mixing your workplace safety facts into a game of bingo creates a fun method to promote workplace safety through safety games that your employees can enjoy. Now let us take this example a little further. Though bingo is a fun game for all and certainly more enjoyable than work for most of your staff the plain reality of the matter is that no employee really wants to be at work regardless of what activities they are presented with. So how can you make these workplace safety games fun? Here is my tip to promote workplace safety through games at your location. I’m certain you can imagine some subtle changes around the job that your employees may appreciate. Perhaps your business is one where a strict business dress code is adhered to, if this is the case then perhaps offering a Friday dress down day to the winners of the workplace safety bingo games could be applied. There are many things you can do to encourage your employees to remember these very important facts. Another simple example that I use is the winner of whatever safety games were on the table this month gets to leave an hour early on friday, now what better encouragement is there than that?

Try workplace safety games as an alternative to the monotony of the normal workplace safety promotion techniques!


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  1. Linda Tapp on September 26th, 2008 7:40 pm

    Games, as long as they relate to the class topic and are well planned and beneficial, are a great addition to safety training classes. For a free eBook titled “Seven Keys to Using Games in Safety Training” visit

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