When it comes to keeping a workplace safe, motivation is certainly a prime requisite. Those employees and especially supervisors who are in charge of keeping the work environment a safe place to perform one’s duties are also those responsible for properly inspiring co-workers to act in a safe manner in the workplace. On this note there are several ways to encourage employees to perform their daily work duties safely. What we are talking about today are workplace safety awards.

There are many types of safety awards and not all safety awards must come from gigantic organizations such as OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) or the National Safety Council. Some workplace safety awards can come directly from you! That’s right, though many times not a common thought of business owners who are concerned with safety, providing safety awards to workers can serve as a great methodology when it comes to keeping safety concerns at the forefront of employees minds. You can create many types of safety awards at your company and you may want to even consider offering a prize to get handed out along with an award. You can purchase award certifications to use for workplace safety awards. You can also dream up prizes to hand out to those employees who have helped maintain the safest of safety standards in your workplace.

Office & Workplace Safety Awards & Prizes

Creating a safety program where you award employees for properly maintaining best safety practices will go a long way in keeping your work environment safe! These safety awards can really be anything that you might deem appropriate for your workplace, however below I list a couple ideas for various types of safety awards. Basically you have to consider things like the following.

  • Will I give away prizes for those employees who win the safety awards?
  • What prizes will I hand out along with which safety award?
  • How often will I hand out safety awards at work?
  • What types of awards will I have and for what safety promotion?
  • Will safety awards be handed out on an individual basis or as a team safety award?

The answers to these questions will very much depend on your particular industry and workplace. You will best know the answers to these questions as they apply to safety in your company. The toughest part of this practice as I see it is deciding exactly what types of safety achievements will warrant a safety awards and of course the frequency at which you wish to award those workers who have been accomplishing said tasks.

List Of Sample Safety Achievements For Safety Awards

  • Those employees managing to go 30 days without an accident in the workplace.
  • An employee who has helped others be safer in the workplace 5 times.
  • Most Well Protected - For the employee who always goes above and beyond with their protective safety gear.
  • Safety Minded - For the employee who inspires safety at work. (perhaps with safety posters or safety ideas they have brought to bear in the workplace.)
  • Safety First! - An employee who spots a safety hazard and puts a stop to it before it becomes a problem.

Major Safety Awards

In addition to any awards you may give out, there are safety awards handed out by various safety associations for companies who perform their duties safely. Some of these organizations include the Alliance for Workplace Excellence Awards, AIHA, The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), The National Safety Council, National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA), OSHA & OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs offer various safety awards. All of these associations and organizations are within the United States and offer awards to companies who operate in the United States. These are however not the only safety awards there are out there. The are many governor awards provided with regard to safety. Some of these governor’s safety awards include the Governors Employee Safety Awards which are given out in California, The Governor’s Workplace Safety Award given out in Indiana, The Governor’s Safety Award of Kentucky, The Department of Labor Safety Awards Program in North Carolina, The Governor’s Occupational Safety And Health Awards Program in New Jersey, The Governor’s Awards For Safety Excellence in Pennsylvania, as well as several other governor safety awards you can find across the United States.


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