There is a wide spectrum of workplace heath policies found throughout the United States. Each state has different laws that govern health safety in the workplace in their particular state. Some states have little to no health safety classes, forms, cards, licenses, etc. to speak of where as other states such as Nevada have a rigorous health safety preliminary class you must take before you can be employed in many industries. Las Vegas specifically requires that all new hires, especially casino employees obtain a health card. This requires you to go to a building, which used to be located on Valley View Road and may still be to take these classes. You must watch health videos to inform you of the various safety concerns of which they wish to make you aware. As I have not been employed in every state around the US I do not know each states requirements. I know that New Jersey is much more relaxed than some other states. To my knowledge most states do not make every employee go through as much effort as Nevada which may be because if the large casino industry located there. However New jersey also employees many casino workers as well without the fuss of so many safety procedures. Also I am aware the South Carolina follows pretty much the same procedures as NJ.

Do you know any states with extensive workplace health policies?

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I would like to get a list of the health policies of each state in the country and as such I would appreciate any help from you can offer.

List your state and the workplace health policy that is part of your health code.


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