The Definition of Workplace Etiquette is choosing ethical work behavior that suits your particular workplace. It is very important to examine the environment that surrounds your workplace. What needs to be changed? Do the employees show each other and you respect? Are they responsible for themselves and the areas that they work in? Have a meeting and discuss instating workplace etiquette. Listen to your employees and let then voice their opinion. It could really be valuable in bring about the proper change that is needed. A great employer is one who always listens to his staff and makes them feel as though their opinion is maters too. If you are taking on workplace etiquette, let the employees know beforehand, so they know what to expect when the time comes.

A great way to come up with workplace etiquette of your own is to discuss with other managers how they deal with workplace etiquette. This can really be a very valuable tool in setting you own workplace etiquette. Read books and search the internet for more ideas. Put a suggestion box in the break room and allow your employees to come up with ideas for workplace etiquette.
When it comes to workplace etiquette, one of the first rules that should be brought about is respect for each other. Treat each other how you want to be treated. Have a meeting to explain to your employees on how to respect each other. If a problem arises there is to be no screaming, yelling, or cursing. Problems need to be fixed in a civilized mater. Encourage your staff to walk away from the fight or argument. Explain to them that they should always take some time to cool off and then try to think rationally about the issue at hand. If the problem is not able to be fixed between the two, let everyone know that your door is always open and you are always there to help. Always remember to set the example first. If you don’t follow the rules, your employees will not either.

Here are some really fantastic ideas to start with. Have your employees always watch the tone and the volume of their voice whether they are speaking with you, other employees, or customers. Let your employees know that when they walk through the doors, whatever problems they have outside of the building should be left outside of the building. If an employee has personal information that they would like to share with others, they need to do it outside the workplace. When they are at work they need to focus on work. Absolutely know gossip is to be permitted in the workplace. Violence of any sort will never be tolerated and will call for immediate dismissal. When a co worker is using a common area they should always take the time to clean up after then selves. It is never fair for others to have to clean up after someone else. If an employee is working in a certain space they should always make sure that it is clean and tidy for the next person who will come in and work in the same place.

When you first decide to put work etiquette into action into action, remember to be patient. Change doesn’t happen overnight and there is always an adjustment period. After the adjustment period if people still are following the rules then it is time to bring about disciplinary action.


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