Why is safety in the workplace important? This is a question that I think many managers find themselves asking themselves a lot. There are many reasons why safety in the work place is very important. There are two major reasons that will be talked about here. The first is about employees being comfortable and confident in their jobs. The second reason has to do with cost of work-related injuries and illness.

When a person goes in to work at a new job for the first time, they automatically assume there work place is a safe environment. After they start working for the company and they find unsafe working conditions this can cause employees to become reluctant of their jobs. People always want to feel safe no matter what it is that they are doing, whether it is driving in their car, walking down the street, or if they are at work. If an employee is constantly worried about safety hazards when they are on the job, this will undoubtedly interrupt their work performance. How can an employee concentrate and focus on their job when they are thinking about falling off the ladder because the ground underneath of the ladder is so unstable? If your employees are not comfortable and confident in their work environment you will lose productivity.

The Importance Of Workplace Safety

The cost of work place injury is no joke. A simple injury such as stitches can put a nice dent in the bank account. If a person is seriously injured there are many things that will cost you money. If an employee must take time off from work because of work related injury, there will be workman’s compensation to pay for. Your premiums for workman’s compensation will also go up. Other employees will have to pick up the extra work which could result in overtime and more money lost. There is also possibility of further injury if another employee has to fill the spot of the employee that was injured. The person taken the other employees spot might not have time to receive the proper training needed. You will also lose time and money filling out all the paperwork that goes a long with workplace injury. As soon as the injured employee has recovered, get then back to work as soon as possible. The faster they return to work the more money you will save. A lot of employers a reluctant after a work-related injury to have the employee return again. They are afraid of repeat injury, but don’t be more than likely it won’t happen again.

Injuries that occur over a long period of time can also be a real money drainer. When employees are constantly doing the same repetitive motions injury can occur over a long period of time, especially if safety precautions are not being taken. Two very common problems that happen are back problems and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Always make sure your employees have proper training and are executing the training correctly. Surgery and time off for work for such things can be pretty costly.

Always remember to keep a watchful eye for safety hazards around your business. Things may seem fine but safety problems can appear out of nowhere. If you come across a safety hazard fix the problem immediately. The faster it is fixed the less likely hood of injury and money lost. Remember when it comes to safety be a perfect role model to your employees. If they see it is top priority to you, they will make it top priority themselves.

We hope after reading our thoughts you have more of an in depth as well as real life idea as to the importance of workplace safety. We have done our best to answer the question of why safety in the workplace is so important. Workplace safety is not only important because OSHA says so, but also keeping ourselves and others safe while at work.


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