Are you safe at work?  What is Not safe for work?

Okay, so what we are going to cover here is some stage work. We are going to set up to prepare our new business for safety!

We know we need to be concerned with this safety thing, but how to get the job done might be new to us.  So here are some tips for starting up your safety procedures.  Everyone is familiar with safety signs, everyone has seen them even if it’s just the “how’s my driving sticker” on the back of some truck driving down the street.

So when starting out with your safety procedures, let’s decide what we don’t want the employees to have.  This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when running a business, and especially when just getting one started up.  Maybe you have had a job where you weren’t allowed to bring in your cell phone to work, maybe not.  Either way many companies set forth guidelines as to what employees may or may not bring on the premises.


Sample 'Not Safe For Work' Poster

Get yourself a funny workplace safety poster online or where ever you can.  You can place up these first posters in staff areas of your office.  Make this a list of “Not Safe For Work!” and list the items that you feel would be the most disruptive to your office.  This let’s your employees know right off the bat what is simply not acceptable as well as not safe for the working environment.  The workplace is not for fun and games, it is to get the job done.  Often measures employed in an effort to avert too casual a work atmosphere lend itself to workplace safety.  These posters let employees know what is not safe for work and not only help prevent accidents at work but also help to keep employees focused which in turn keeps them more aware and already you are on the right road to safety from day one!


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