Optimizing a list of safety slogans for the workplace is an excellent safety tip.  Workplace safety slogans help keep your employees oriented with the proper safety guidelines implemented by your administration or risk management leader.  When considering what safety slogans work best for your business, office, or whatever your workplace may be it is important to pick the right “safety motto” for the job!  Make sure the slogan you choose to represent safety practices make sense to the person memorizing these slogans.

What other safety concerns can be dealt with through funny or entertaining safety slogans for your workplace?  Many times you’ll see a sign above a recycling bin or a slogan on the back of a company work van or truck and it may go unnoticed, but the signs and slogans of safety surround us each day should we recognize them or should the go unnoticed.  Especially popular for larger companies, say McDonalds or another large chain of stores is that they sometimes employ a different workplace safety strategy when it comes time to make up safety slogans for the workplace.  Though safety concerns are a high priority for any establishment, they are certainly a higher concern when dealing with health safety and food preperation safety.  Assuredly these companies employ safety procedures with their employees, but what we can learn from these businesses is this,  sometimes workplace safety slogans are not designed for the employee but rather for the customer.

A Short List Of Safety Slogans For The Workplace

  • Safety First!
  • Stay Alert, Stay Alive!
  • Safet Awareness Helps Save Lives.
  • Lift Smart, Think Then Start!
  • Dare To Be Aware!

Now as I mentioned above, sometimes the best slogans are actually meant for your customers.  Find the right safety slogan phrasing and proper deliver through a eye-catching sign or perhaps a gingle the result you are looking for is the same.  Trying to get your customers to help maintain best safety practices in your workplace can certainly be challenging, however if you deal with a high volume of customers you may want to give careful considering to this approach as this could save you money, time, man power, and headaches in the future, but remember the most important aspect of the right safety slogan for the workplace is how effective it is at accomplishing your safety goals!


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