Make sure you have the best Summer Safety Checklist in 2011The summer is here! Well, pretty much anyway. As summer approaches, it is good to have a summer safety checklist for 2011. Summer brings a lot of things. Warmer weather, more sun, vacations, vacationers (for tourist towns), the beach, lighter clothes, and longer days. Most people love summer, because it is vacation weather. But, summer also brings other things that raise safety issues. The changing seasons cause changes in migration of animals and insects. The extra warmth and summer sun is fun, but can also be dangerous as well. So, it is good to have a summer safety checklist to make sure that your summer is not only fun, but also safe!

Making a Summer Safety Checklist

When making a summer safety checklist, you have to think about all of the events that happen in the summer, and think about the potential safety issues they raise, and what to do to stay summer safe! To make a summer safety checklist, start by thinking of your typical day in summer. You wake up in the morning, you go to work, you come home and relax, and you go to sleep. What kind of extra details are there in your life? Think about your typical day in June, in July, and in August. As the summer months change, different safety issues may arise. This is why it is good to mentally walk through each day with safety in mind. Then apply the same principal and walk through each month. Think about the major and minor events that you expect to occur throughout the summer to consider safety.

As far as providing a generic summer safety checklist in 2011, you can’t really be to trusting that a checklist that someone else provides will be complete and cover all of your summer safety bases. Where you live, and how you live your life, will play a large role in determining what kind of checklist your will need. However, what you can do is look at generic summer safety checklists, guides, and tips to get an idea of where to start. You can use them as a prop to brainstorm on what other safety issues may be of concern for proper summer safety.

Summer Safety Checklist Tips

So, here is a guide to making a summer safety checklist. Don’t use these tips as a complete solution. Rather, consider them a starting point for considering all of your summer safety check points.

  • Consider the sun: Over exposure to sun can lead to skin problems. Make sure you are properly protected with sunblock, especially if you live in an area where the sun is particularly intense.
  • Consider the heat: The hot summer months are great, but can lead to heat exhaust, dehydration, or heat stroke. Make plans to avoid over exposure to heat, and always have a steady supply of water.
  • Consider animals and insects. What kinds of animals and insects migrate into your area in the summer? Ticks are more common in the summer. Maybe alligators are more common in the summer if you live in Florida. Be aware of what kinds of dangerous animals may become more commonplace in the summer.
  • Consider Major and Minor events. Do you go to any fairs or festivals in the summer? Do you have children that play sports in the summer? Make sure you are prepared to attend these events with your children safely.
  • Beach Summer Safety Checklist Items:
  • Beware the undertow.
  • When body boarding, hold the board so that it extends past your head
  • Do not dive directly into the waves
  • Always enter the water feet first
  • Do not drink and swim in the ocean

Workplace Summer Safety Check List

When it comes to summer safety in the workplace, a lot of the tips and advice we have provided apply. Maybe not so much at the beach, but hey maybe you have to entertain clients at the beach one day. If you are an employer, it is doubly important to develop a trustworthy summer safety checklist in 2011. You don’t want the summer causing any undue problems for you or your employees.

Previously, we had discussed many how a good way to develop summer safety checklists is to think about your day from morning to night. When it comes to workplace summer safety, you must especially consider the entire work day. So, apply the same method of mentally walking through the day, but do it one more time while only considering the work day.

Exercise and Summer Safety in 2011

Exercising is popular in the summer. Exerting yourself in the summer can lead to problems because the extra heat and sun coupled with over exertion can lead to serious problems. Try to exercise during the early morning or late evening (when it is cooler and the sun is lower in the sky). Make sure to stay properly hydrated. While exercising you should drink some water at least every 15 minutes. Also, make sure that once you are done exercising, allow yourself some cool down time before you step out into the heat. What does exercise safety have to do with workplace summer safety? Nothing! Except, of course, that if you or one of your employees falls ill due to improper summer safety, it is going to affect work.


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