What are some safety issues in the workplace?

Sometimes safety issues in the workplace can be hard to determine. Something may not appear to be an issue that warrants concern in your place of work, but actually is actually a safety issue you had just not considered. Depending upon the type of business being run there can be a myriad of issues to watch out for with regard to safety and preventative measures that should be adopted for that particular issue.

Here are some popular safety issues in the workplace :

  • Wet floors cause a slipping or falling hazard.
  • Exposure to high voltage power.
  • Working near wires can cause a tripping hazard or if they are electrical wires it could be worse than tripping you should be concerned with.
  • An overlooked safety issue is a door that opens two ways. When doors allow for entry from both sides it can be important to hang a sign that reminds employees to shout or give some warning before entering the door to alert others they are coming through. A good example of this is in a restaurant where the staff, waitresses, waiters, cooks, bus boys, or other employees enter the kitchen through the same door. Here it is very important to teach proper safety practices to your employees.
  • Working with hot water or other beverages creates a burn hazard.
  • Falling, when working high above the ground safety becomes very important, you may wish to instate rules where each employee must tie down to something so that should they fall there is something to catch them.
  • Helmets or head gear when working near falling object or other dangers. Two examples of this are when working on a construction site where workers throw excess parts and materials down to the ground from high above. Another example is when working with something like telephone poles where you are exposed to electric lines run above your head.
  • Even in a simple office where you push papers around a desk safety issues in the workplace still need be discussed and enforced with your employees as something as small as a staple, tack, or paper clips that have not been properly disposed of can create a safety hazard.

There are many safety issues in our world as we run a million different types of operations and business and sometimes it can be hard to predict what will create the need for proper safety precautions. If you are familiar with rarer safety issues or would just like to educate others on normal safety issues not covered in this blog I encourage you to leave a comment so that others may learn about safety and discuss issues that relate to them in their line of work.


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