When we are hard at work it’s important to stay focused on our jobs and not lose our heads, figuratively or literally! I know, it was a bad pun, but never the less keeping your head (grin) while on the job is important! Many people have jobs where they risk injury to their heads and as such it is not only important but also an OSHA requirement that we keep our heads protected while engaging in certain jobs that put our head safety in danger. Whether we are constructions works with risk of falling objects hitting us on the head or electrical employees where we have to work the electric lines and risking electrocution while repairing the line, wearing the right head protection should be our primary focus as to avoid injury to our heads.

Considering that head injuries can oft times be fatal or leave us with such a severe injury as to last the rest of our lives, taking the simple steps to remain safe while in the workplace or on the work site should be an easy decision. Those of you who either work in one of the fields such as construction where you risk a head injury each day of your lives should certainly remember to wear a helmet or hard hat when performing your work duties. Owners of these types of business should remember to educate their employees as to exactly how important wearing the correct head protective gear can be to their personal safety.

Preventing Head Injuries While At Work

If you own or operate a company where your employees or workers are at risk of head injury it is important to make your employees aware of these concerns and inform them as to what type of safety hat or helmet should be worn while on the job.

OSHA dictates that head protection should be worn if any of the following are true for your company. Below is a list of the hazards that OSHA has stated should be observed and that require employees to wear safety head protection while working.

  • If your employees are in danger of an object falling from above and hitting the employee on the head.
  • If there are dangers surrounding the work site where an employee runs the risk of banging their head against a stationary object on the work site.
  • As I pointed out earlier if there is a risk of electrocution then a safety helmet or safety hat should be worn at all times.

Occupations That Require Head Protection To Be Worn

For those of you work in any of the following professions OSHA suggests and may require that you wear head protection at all times while on the job. Below is the list of jobs where wearing head protection is suggested:

  • As pointed out above Construction Workers should always wear head protection.
  • Carpenters should also be required to wear protective head gear while working.
  • Plumbers and those working around pipes in general such as pipe fitters should also be required to wear head protection while working around pipes.
  • Welders! This may seems obvious but amazingly enough some people working with welding do not feel the need to wear protective helmets. Helmets are just one piece of safety equipment that welders should wear.
  • Those who work around falling trees such as axe men, timber cutters, and log cutters should also wear hard hats or helmets to protect their head from falling objects
  • Electricians or anyone working around electric wires. Electric is a dangerous force! Any folks operating around electric should certainly be wearing an electrical resistant safety hat or safety helmet. Remember this may not be the only safety requirement but our heads are important and we certainly don’t want them to be electrocuted!

Though the above listed jobs are not the only jobs that require a safety hat or helmet to be worn, it’s certainly a good place to start and a list of some of the most common jobs where head injury can occur. There are numerous types of occupations that may stray from the norm and as such use your head! (I know the puns are just too easy here.) If you feel as though there are hazards to your head then be safe and ensure that you, your employees and/or your coworkers are wearing the proper safety head protection! If something can fall and hit someone on the head, you guessed it, it might be the case for a safety helmet. If you think that workers can fall from a ledge or anywhere, risking a head injury on the fall down, then again, it’s time to prepare for safety by wearing the appropriate hard hard or helmet.

Hard Hats, Helmets, Easy Head Protection

There are many types of safety hard hat and safety helmet options. It is important to determine what type of safety hat is right for your job. You may require a vented safety helmet for proper air flow through the helmet while at work. There are other hard hats that have safety locks and straps to keep the helmet in place in case of the necessity for a large range of motion ensuring the hard hat stays in place while working. There are hard hats with face guards to protect from debris or airborne particles that may strike you, such as saw dust when operating a chain saw. There are simple and easy to wear hard hats for run of the mill head protection and there are more complicated safety hats with more enhanced protection for the head and face. There are safety helmets and hats that are made more for men and others than are made more for woman. Regardless of your safety helmet needs you should purchase the right type of safety helmet for your type of profession. Above you can find quite a few different types of hard hats that can be purchased for yourself or for your employees. Remember if you operate a type of business that requires a safety hat be worn, OSHA is not normally a prankster, when they say that protective head equipment should be worn, they are not asking! Make sure to equip your employees with the proper head safety protection!


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