Safety Glasses may comprise some of the critical safety equipment for your workplace, depending upon what kind of job you have. There are certainly a must for jobs like construction, where the outdoors, heights, and the sun work together to create a dangerous situation. On the other end of the spectrum, safety glasses can be of critical significance to an occupation in the medical field, where diseases and dangerous microbes can be absorbed through porous membranes such as the eye.

    What different kinds of Safety Glasses are there?

  • Polarized Safety Glasses
  • Military Safety Sunglasses
  • Bifocal Safety Glasses & Safety Reading Glasses in general
  • Shooting and Hunting Safety Glasses
  • Contractor and Construction Safety Glasses
  • Photochromic Safety Glasses
  • Magnifying Safety Glasses
    Who manufactures safety glasses?

  • Ono: Carabelle, Vieux Carre, Harbor Docks, Curlew, Breton
  • Oakley: Team USA, M Frame, Enduring, Half Jacket, Flak Jacket, Radar
  • Dewalt: Contractor Pro, Reinforcer, Radius, Renovator, Protector, Ventilator
  • AOSafety: SmartLens, Maxim, Nitrous
  • Revision: Hellfly, Sawfly, Bullet Ant, Desert Locust
  • Black and Decker: BD200, BD210, BD220, BD240, BD245, BD250
  • Guardian
  • Solitaire
  • Edge: Dakura, Khor,
  • Harley Davidson: HD102, HD103, HD700
  • Piramex: Azera, Fortress, Alair, G201, G204, Mini-Ztek, Solo, Ztek,
  • Allsafe: Nemesis, Element
  • Gatorz
  • Crews: 2230R, Checklite, Checkmate, Stratos, Tomahawk
  • Spy: Abbey, Bianca, Clash, Cloverdale, Cooper, Curtis, Diablo, Dynasty, Gracie, Griffin, Helio, Hourglass, Lacrosse, MC, Mode, Nolen, Oasis, Richelle, Sidney, Twiggy, Wilshire, Zoe
  • Fox: The Condition, The Dean, The Duncan, The Injection, The Intro, The Matter, The Median, The Meeting, The Study
  • Elvex: Challenger, TNT, TTS, Trix, Xenon
  • IS SI: Monteray, Xtreme
  • Radians: Chief Overspec, Mirage
  • US Safety Citation

Get Safety Glasses

As you can see, there are many different makes, models, and types of osha safety glasses available for whatever kind of job you may have. Sometimes you may even have to obtain a prescription prior to buying glasses. If you think your workplace creates a need for safety glasses, but you are not required to use them, do something about it! In most cases it is the employer’s legal responsibility to furnish necessary safety equipment such as safety glasses, so if you think you need them, bring it up with your employer. They should respond to your request and act on it, and if they don’t, you may need to contact OSHA.

Safety Glasses Cost

The cost of Safety Glasses typically range from as little as five dollars to fifty. There can even be bulk discounts on large quantities of safety glasses purchased. In most cases, if you are desperate for some safety glasses, you can just buy them yourself, and then later get your employer to reimburse you. Remember, safety glasses first!

A Safety Glasses Tale

A man’s son was working in the home siding industry was encouraged by the man to wear safety glasses at work. This was the result of a safety glasses training program in which the man participated. The young son was a typical teenager, resistant to the father’s advice. Nevertheless, the son had been experiencing trouble with aluminum dust getting into his eyes and so he eventually acquiesced to his father’s requests. Not two weeks later, the son was applying siding with an air stapled power gun. One of the staples hit a metal plate behind the siding, ricocheted back and hit the son square in the safety glasses. The staple hit with such force that it pierced completely through the son’s safety glasses and bruised his eyebrow… But if NOT for the safety glasses, that boy might not be alive today!


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  1. JP on February 20th, 2009 8:19 am

    In November, 2007, OSHA issued a final ruling dubbed the “Pay for PPE Rule” that requires employers to pay for personal protective equipment specific to the job being performed, that is also required by OSHA standards.

    This leaves no doubt as to the employer’s legal responsibility to not only provide access to, but actually pay for the PPE required to protect people on the job. This ruling was almost 10 years in the making and long overdue.

    Employer Payment for Personal Protective Equipment; Final Rule -
    Fed Register #: 72:64341-64430

    LINK (OSHA Final Rule):


    U.S. Safety is a manufacturer of safety glasses, safety goggles, faceshields and respoirators. It is also the only privately owned nationwide provider of turn-key prescription safety eyewear programs, starting at $85/person.

    Visit U.S. Safety on the web at: or call 1-800-821-5218

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