Safety games and free workplace safety games are a fantastic way to bring both fun and safety into the workplace. As important as safety is, most of your employees probably find learning the safety procedures to be a dull and boring task. If safety training is boring and uninteresting more than likely it won’t stick with your employees. In the long run you will end up wasting more time and money if the training is boring compared to fun. The facts and information won’t stick and the training will have to be done again. Making safety fun with office safety games doesn’t have to consume valuable time. There are many great ideas out there that will allow you to add the safety games to regular work related tasks. Here are a few ideas on safety games and free workplace safety games to get you started.

Safety bingo is a great way to keep your employees motivated about stopping workplace accidents. Each employee is to receive their own safety bingo card. Each day a bingo number should be pulled and posted in a common area such as the break room so everyone can see it. The first person to get five safety bingo numbers receives a prize. The game doesn’t stop there. More numbers continued to be pulled and more people continue to win until an employee is injured on the job. Once someone is injured the game stops and a new one begins. Always have the number of injury free days posted somewhere in the business where everyone can see. Allow your employees to know and take pride in being accident free.

If you have daily or weekly office meetings make safety questions a common procedure. At each meeting ask a few safety questions. Whichever employees get the answers right, reward them with a ticket for a raffle. At the end of the month take all the tickets and have a raffle. Whoever’s name is pulled reward them with some type of prize. Make sure each month you change the questions up so your team is learning all the safety rules, not just a few. Have the winner of the raffle become the safety mentor of the month and have their picture taken and posted somewhere where everyone can see it. This gives your employees the chance to physically see that they are doing a great job with safety.This office safety game is a real great way to make sure your employees are really absorbing the safety information that you provide.

Another idea is to have a few sets of playing cards keep in the break room. On each playing card have a safety tip written on it. This allows your employees to have some fun and get to relax and know each other a little bit. It also gives then the opportunity to take in more of your workplace safety.

Have a meeting and let your employees come up with some of their own ideas for safety games. Communication and making your staff really feel like they are part of a team will always make the best team. Listen to their suggestions. Not only may they have some great ideas on good safety games but there ideas might also give you the chance to see things that might need to be fixed in the company that in general you might not be seeing.


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