Workplace safety facts, why should we know them and why should we care?

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Safety Fact Report Graph

Assuming you made it here, you probably are already familiar with a common safety quotation, “Safety First”. So perhaps the reasons are obvious as to why safety facts are important to you.  Convincing your employees, manager, or someone else is not always an easy task.  More and more companies are provide with things like slide-show presentations of cost - benefit - analysis of workplace safety and the facts that support these findings.  These can explain to corporate types in a language they are more familiar with just how important educating employees in safety can be.   Once you have made the decision to take the first step toward preparing your team with the safety facts your next priority become : What facts?!

Now, deciding on what office or workplace safety facts you need to share with your co-workers can be the hard part.  There are such a myriad of safety guides, recommendations, proposals, suggestions, signs, quotes, slogans and more.  Where should you begin the battle against the unsafe?

There is no one right answer to a question like that, however there are those with years of experience on the topic that you may find who are willing to share some insights that can only be gleaned through these years of experience. 

The opinion of this author is this :  When arming your team with the workplace safety facts they need, consider the type of job at hand.  You can find safety slogans, safety signs, safety quotes, safety calenders, and more that fit your genre.  This is important.  Not just any old safety quote will do, you can just spew forth some nonsensical or non-topical information about safety in the workplace and call it a day.  Safety is something where you get out what you put in, the more time spent educating yourself with relevant safety facts the more you will be able to share with others.  As you learn which safety facts deal with your business you will no doubt find that some of these facts were easier to learn and remember than others.  This can be your first guide to what you should use with your employees. Take some time to discover why these safety facts resonated with you so much.  Were the quotes used especially catchy? Do you find yourself able to repeat the slogans without hesitation.  Where the safety signs amusing or funny?  Maybe they were clear and to the point.  These trivial parts of the learning experience become a vital part of teaching your staff in much the same way you would strive for the best method of teaching your own child.


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