Promoting workplace safety can be a difficult strategy to adopt if you do not already have an outline for promoting safety in the workplace. More time consuming than managing your employees can be convincing them to adapt to new ideas and train them to go about their whole work day with a fresh outlook. Where once they saw an every day average scene at the office, they now notice things once unseen and take appropriate action. Constant reminders can in the beginning make for the best approach to safety promotion in your workplace. Existing employees will need more of a reminder to follow new safety guidelines that new employees as they will need time to change their mindsets. Scheduled safety meetings make for an excellent way to keep everyone up to speed on what regulations they need to be aware of and what is changing or going unnoticed in the workplace. Promoting workplace safety must start at the top and work its way down! Safety is a team effort and as such requires the coordination and commitment of you and your staff.

Steps to Promoting Workplace Safety

  • Get your employees attention!
  • Schedule Safety Meetings
  • Make sure you have a safety manager
  • Workplace safety policies start at the top
  • Use reminders for your existing employees
  • Incorporate safety training into new hire training programs

What else can you do to keep promoting workplace safety?

In addition to these and other methods of increasing the awareness of best safety practices in the workplace you should not overlook “morale boosting tactics”. Place signs around the workplace in places visible to your employees and somewhere where they will constantly be remade aware of your policies. One excellent example of this many times can be found in restaurants where you can find a sign hanging on the interior of the kitchen door as a constant reminder to everyone who exits the room. Even if the connections to these signs are only sub conscience that is alright, your employees will be always absorbing this until it becomes second nature.

Later we will discuss some additional ways to continually help promote safety in the workplace.

As always feel free to share any thoughts you may have about how to increase the safety awareness of your employees.


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