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Thank you for visiting Below you can find our collection of workplace safety tips, workplace safety advice, safety quotes, safety slogans, safety jokes, and more safety related materials. In addition to basic safety advice and guides we also provide OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) materials to help further your safety learning. It is important for all of us to remain safe both at home and in the workplace.

Believe it or not workplace wellness is extremely important. The healthier your employees are mentally and physical, the more productivity you will receive from them. Workplace wellness affects everyone. If a person is physical ill their productivity will slow. They will in turn probably be grumpy and this could affect the other employees and possibly [...]

OSHA Forklift Guide & Requirements
OSHA Forklift Testing is not required by the employer but, evaluations must be given every three years. All employees must pass the evaluation to be able to perform any task using a forklift. Employees must show that they are capable of operating the machinery properly and safely. If the employee is [...]

Funny safety slogans are a fantastic way to bring a little humor into the work place. Although safety is never a laughing matter, bringing humor to it can make it less strenuous. Humor gets the point across but let’s everyone still enjoy themselves. Here is a list of a bunch of really funny safety slogans. [...]

OSHA was created and established by congress in 1974. In the 1960s work-related accidents and injuries increased 20%. It was time for OSHA to be established. House Representative William A. Steiger worked very hard to get the bill passed that would create OSHA. December 29, 1970, President Richard M. Nixon signed The Occupational Safety [...]

OHSA takes it standard setting very seriously. Everyone is allowed to give input on what they believe should be standards. People can have petitions draw up. Employers and employees can make suggestions along with state and local governments. Also the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Secretary of Health and Human [...]

What is an OSHA safety seminar? A OSHA seminar is a place to learn about OSHA testing requirements, OSHA Hazard Standards, Communication Standards and more. Learn where OSHA inspectors are likely to look so you can ready ahead of time and obtain recent information on OSHA’s latest changes and updates. Discover more beneficial and economical [...]

OSHA inspections are at the discretion of the Area Director or the Compliance Safety Health Director.  Inspections are usually held annually, unless there is reason for the inspectors to come more frequently such as hazardous materials in use. Inspections are to happen within normal working business hours and are not to disrupt the work habits [...]

Work-Related Injury Forms
*OSHA Form 300
Form for Recording Work-Related Injury or Illness
This form helps OSHA to understand the severity of an injury or illness. At the end of every year the employer should post the report so all employees can review it.
*OSHA Form 300A
Summary of Work-Related Injury and Illness
This form must be filled out by every [...]

As office safety tips go, first on the list is that safety in the office must always be taken seriously. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure all safety procedures are being followed to protect themselves and others. When accidents’ in the office occur everyone suffers. People are physically hurt and can also lose money [...]

   OSHA Safety and Health Program Rule :
The purpose of the OSHA Safety and health program rule is to reduce fatalities, illnesses, and injuries within the work place. All employers must provide workplace safety and health programs. The only employers exempt from this regulation are employers who work in construction or agriculture. All programs must be [...]

Prior to getting started with your safety programs, safety meetings, signs and other training materials it might be a smart idea to check out some common office safety checklists. You can run down the list and ask yourself these questions before you get started or you could turn these office safety checklists into a safety [...]

When it comes to safety, the plethora of dilemmas that we must overcome can seem endless, perhaps even overwhelming.  When it comes to picking the right safety program to follow at our place of work, choosing careful the matters and safety concerns that face your office tip the scales with regard to the importance of each [...]

Communicating, with your fellow employees is certainly a high priority as well as a mandatory first step toward safety.  Though this may sound like a bad cliche, communication in the workplace is key.  Conflicts or miscommunication often leads not only vital mistakes being made with your business but also server to shift attention away from [...]

Are you safe at work?  What is Not safe for work?
Okay, so what we are going to cover here is some stage work. We are going to set up to prepare our new business for safety!
We know we need to be concerned with this safety thing, but how to get the job done might be new [...]

What workplace safety topics are appropriate for your office’s safety meetings?
Whether you are conducting weekly safety meetings and need to be at a constant vigil for new safety topics to discuss at the meeting, or your meetings are help more sporadically over longer durations of time you are faced with some of the same dilemmas.  [...]

Workplace safety facts, why should we know them and why should we care?

Assuming you made it here, you probably are already familiar with a common safety quotation, “Safety First”. So perhaps the reasons are obvious as to why safety facts are important to you.  Convincing your employees, manager, or someone else is not always an [...]

Here you can find many useful office safety tips in a wide array of categories. Depending upon what type of office you run, safety concerns can be different. Basic secretarial offices have significantly less safety concerns than say a popular electrical company employing 25 electricians. Electrical safety is a particularly difficult thing to manage as [...]

What are catchy safety slogans and what important role do they play in safeguarding your workplace.  Why would one be concerned with which safety slogans are catchy and which are not. Winning safety slogans are one of the most relevant and simplest forms of a safety campaign that you can run among your employees.  With safety signs, quotes, slogans, [...]

Workplace safety questions are an important part to any safety program and an excellent idea for safety managers is to create a workplace safety frequently asked questions guide for new hires or existing employees to study.  You should encourage employees to always visit whoever may be in charge of workplace safety procedures at your business.  [...]

Today, some workplace safety tips for your office. These tips are for a small workplace and not for a restaurant or corporate office building setting. There are a myriad of other posts dedicated to large corporations, construction, restaurants, electrical, and other types of employment safety review should you be interested in preventing disasters in a [...]

Optimizing a list of safety slogans for the workplace is an excellent safety tip.  Workplace safety slogans help keep your employees oriented with the proper safety guidelines implemented by your administration or risk management leader.  When considering what safety slogans work best for your business, office, or whatever your workplace may be it is important to [...]

Contruction Site Safety Operations Example :
To demonstrate what the importance of workplace safety can mean I will draw on an example of a larger project.  When large companies undertake projects that most would not you can see prime examples of good safety practices in effect.  Contruction sites make for a very hazardous area and as such it [...]

Interested in obtaining a workplace safety logo for your company?
Have an interesting workplace safety logo to share?
Know a good logo designer for workplace safety?

Workplace safety logos should be fun and creative. The logo needs to inspire you employees and customers, or put a smile on their face. Have a custom logo digitally created [...]

Safety risk management has an important place in not only major corporate office, but also in smaller home businesses or a non corporate environment where safety concerns are a priority. Corporations and big business always maintain their safety ethics and policies by developing strict guidelines in accordance with state and federal law to maintain [...]

Job safety awareness is possibly the most important facet of workplace safety. When your employees become aware of safety methods, laws, acts, policies, procedures, and good practices it keeps safety an important topic on their minds through the work day.
How can you make job safety awareness a part of your company’s daily activities?

Promote safety [...]

There is a wide spectrum of workplace heath policies found throughout the United States. Each state has different laws that govern health safety in the workplace in their particular state. Some states have little to no health safety classes, forms, cards, licenses, etc. to speak of where as other states such as Nevada [...]

What are some safety issues in the workplace?
Sometimes safety issues in the workplace can be hard to determine. Something may not appear to be an issue that warrants concern in your place of work, but actually is actually a safety issue you had just not considered. Depending upon the type of business [...]

On the job safety can be trickier than in house office safety.  When part of your job involves travel from one place to another sometimes good safety practices get lost in the journey. Have you ever noticed that sometimes construction workers or city employees performing road work often park their pick-up trucks on the side [...]

Managing Ethics In The Workplace :
Workplace ethics and safety ethics in the office, more and more businesses are promoting good ethical practices in their offices.  In today’s world these issues are certainly on the rise and have been for quite some time as well they should be.  Promoting good ethical practices amongst your employees or coworkers [...]

Safety quotes are not just here to bore you.
Safety quotes serve to enlighten and educate and hey let’s face it, they can be fun too!
Here are a few safety quotes that I like from around the web.  Hopefully they’ll help make folks remember to keep safety a primary concern at their business and also help [...]

Lifting things safely at work. One of the more common problems found at work is the right way to lift something.  Though it may sound like something that everyone may know I can assure you there are still questions that many have over a simple procedure like how to lift something safely and properly to [...]

Food safety involves many different facets of safety that deal with workplace food regulations and issues as well as general food safety guidelines. The FDA (Food and Drug Association) governs the laws and regulations that deal with nutrition and food safety. There are two very important laws / acts that govern food safety. [...]

Workplace safety questions?
Today’s blog is a bit shorter as this is written to encourage anyone stopping by with concerns or questions about safety at work or any workplace safety questions at all to please leave your questions as a comment and one of our safety writers will be happy to help with any safety precautions, [...]

What are workplace safety posters and why would you place these safety posters in your office?
Workplace safety reminders are the most important facet of safety enforcement in your place of work. These posters serve many purposes with regard to keeping your business running accident free. There are many kinda of safety posters [...]

Safety games for the workplace turn the tables on what most employees consider to be one of the most monotonous tasks of their employ. The last thing your employee wants is to come in on a day off for a safety exam. Rounding up twenty five employees to gather around a conference [...]

How to reduce injuries in the workplace can be a top priority for any business big or small. Primarily I would hope out of concern of your employee’s well being and secondly for the monetary advantage of keeping your liabilities to a minimum.
There are many factors that you may wish to consider when attempting [...]

Workplace safety quotes are both a useful and fun way to encourage and remind your workers to keep the workplace safe.  As mentioned in other articles employing new methods of maintaining workplace safety is an important aspect to “making the swtich” to a safe workplace or simply to maintain your workplaces current level of safety [...]

Promoting workplace safety can be a difficult strategy to adopt if you do not already have an outline for promoting safety in the workplace. More time consuming than managing your employees can be convincing them to adapt to new ideas and train them to go about their whole work day with a fresh outlook. [...]

Why is work place safety so important?
How important is it?
Well, if the six construction workers that have died to date at the City Center complex, currently under construction on the Las Vegas Strip, could come back from the dead, I’m sure they would be able to give you a better answer than this writer.
Workers (employees), [...]

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