OSHA Safety and Health Program Rule :

The purpose of the OSHA Safety and health program rule is to reduce fatalities, illnesses, and injuries within the work place. All employers must provide workplace safety and health programs. The only employers exempt from this regulation are employers who work in construction or agriculture. All programs must be appropriate to the work place.

Everyone at the work place must be involved with the program including all management, supervisors, and employees. A training program must be set up by the employer. The manager, a supervisor, or an employee must be put in charge of this program. Their main duties would be to make sure that all rules and regulations are being enforced and that all training of workforce and all new hires is taking care of.  Any new hire must be trained in the program before they can begin working for the company.  All information, training, and resources must be available to everyone when needed. Employees must be given the opportunity to take part in all forms of training. The main focus of training program must focus on hazard identification, assessment, hazard prevention, and control.


OSHA Workplace Safety Programs


All employees have the right to report any fatalities, illnesses, or injuries. Employers in no way are to discourage in any form an employee from reporting such mishaps. It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that a prompt response is given to any accident that is reported.

Employers must conduct inspections to make sure that all aspects of the program are running smoothly. Safety information must be constantly reviewed with management, supervisors, and employees. Any new equipment, materials, new processes must be carefully evaluated for safely and if need be the program reorganized to fit the new items. The assessment process must be carried out initially and after that every two years. The assessment process also must be done if new hazardous products are added.


The employer’s main obligation when dealing with the OSHA workplace safety and health program is to make sure that the program runs smoothly. They are to make sure all the appropriate training is being provided to everyone.  The employer is also to make sure that the employee reports all accidents and immediate response is being giving to the employee.


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  1. Lindsay on January 27th, 2009 8:41 am

    It’s all well and good to talk about employer obligations for OSHA safety programs, but the fact is many companies are cutting back on OSHA safety training and safety in general as a way to trim budgets! I’ve been talking with labor law attorneys and industry managers, and I’m getting the same story across the board. Safety training is off the table for lots of companies. So how will this be addressed? Will it take lots of injuries and deaths to bring it out, or will OSHA be able to take a stronger stand under Obama?

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