OHSA takes it standard setting very seriously. Everyone is allowed to give input on what they believe should be standards. People can have petitions draw up. Employers and employees can make suggestions along with state and local governments. Also the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) also have a lot to do with the standard settings dealing with OSHA. Many Different committees can be called on to help draw up plans for the standards. The two that are called on the most are National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health and the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health.

NIOSH is the main organization that gives recommendations for standard setting. They do all kinds of different research for OSHA and they also provide technical help for OSHA. NIOSH goes to different businesses and conducts their own investigations. Employers must report to them if their employees have been exposed to hazardous materials. They can also request for the employees of a certain company to take medical exams to better understand work related illnesses, which is paid for by NIOSH. If need be, the right is given to them to collect testimony from employers and employees.

OSHA Standards

All plans and denials of proposed standards must be published in the Federal Register. The proposals must either be published under, “Notice of Proposed Rule Making” or under “Advanced Proposal of Rule Making.” The advance notice often helps them to come up with more information on the proposed standard. Before any rule can be finalized, it must be approved by the OMB. All information from everyone involved is considered before the final decision is made. Any ruling can be appealed by any person directly affected at the U.S. Courts of Appeals.

Any small business that will be affected by the new rule can state their opinion on the subject. If a public hearing is not being held, anyone who will be directly affected may send in a written argument to try and have a hearing scheduled. OSHA must post the hearing date and time in the Federal Register if one is decidedly going to be held.
OSHA also has the right to set up an Emergency Temporary Standard until the permanent rule can go through. The employees at a company must be in great danger in order for it to pass. The emergency temporary standard must be posted in the federal register as, “Considered Proposal.” OSHA must make a decision within six months to have it finalized.

There are few different variances that employers can try and receive. If the employer is unable to comply with the new standard by the date set, they can ask for a variance. They must be able to prove the safety of their employees and that what they are doing is just as effective as the new rule. A temporary variance can be granted if employer is unable to meet the standard by the date that is allotted. They must prove employee safety and prove they are coming up with a plan for the new rule. The temporary variance is good for up to a year and must be renewed every six months. The temporary variance will not be granted if the employer can simply not afford the chances. A permanent variance will be given if an employer can prove that their methods are just as valid as the new standard.

OSHA Standards Settings

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