Work-Related Injury Forms
*OSHA Form 300
Form for Recording Work-Related Injury or Illness
This form helps OSHA to understand the severity of an injury or illness. At the end of every year the employer should post the report so all employees can review it.
*OSHA Form 300A
Summary of Work-Related Injury and Illness
This form must be filled out by every employer even if no accidents occurred that year.
*OSHA Form 301
Injury Illness and Incident Report
Form 301 must be filled out first right after the incident happens.
All three of these forms give OSHA an idea on all the accidents that occurred within the work place and the severity of those accidents
Inspection OSHA Forms
*1903.19 AppA
Sample Abatement Certification Letter (Not Mandatory)
Sample Abatement Plan or Progress Report (Not Mandatory)
General Industry Forms
*Appendix C to 1910.134
OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire (Mandatory)
1910.134 must be filled out by anyone who needs a respirator at work.
*Appendix D-1 to 1910.146
Confined Space Permit
D-1 is needed by anyone working in a confined space.
*Appendix D-2 to 1910.146
Entry Permit to Confined Space
*Appendix A to 1910.146
Typical Minimal Lockout Procedure
A is needed for lockout of energy isolating devices when maintenance is being done on any kind of machinery.
*Appendix D to 1910.1001
Medical Questionnaire (Mandatory)
D is needed whenever a person is exposed to asbestos above the allowed exposure limit.
*Appendix D to 1910.1027
Occupational Health Interview with Reference to Cadmium Exposure
D must be filled out by everyone who works with cadmium.
*Appendix B-1 to 1910.1043
Respiratory Questionnaire
B-1 must be filled out by employees who develop respiratory problems at work.
*Appendix B-3 to 1910.1043
Abbreviated Respiratory Questionnaire
*Appendix D to 1910.108
Medical Disease Questionnaire (Non Mandatory)
*Appendix F to 1910.1051
Medical Questionnaire (Non Mandatory)
F is for work, medical history and health concerns.
*Appendix B to 1910.10502
Questionnaire for Methylene Choride Exposure
Construction Industry
*Appendix D to 1926.1101
Medical Questionnaire (Mandatory)
D is for exposure to asbestos above exposure limit.
*Appendix D to 1926.1101
Medical Questionnaire (Mandatory)

Note : There are a large number of varying types of additional OSHA Forms.


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