OSHA Forklift Guide & Requirements

OSHA Forklift Testing is not required by the employer but, evaluations must be given every three years. All employees must pass the evaluation to be able to perform any task using a forklift. Employees must show that they are capable of operating the machinery properly and safely. If the employee is to use more than one type of forklift they must be trained on all forklifts they will be using. There are many available forklift training guides at your disposal, helping you learn what’s needed for state tests. It is not necessary that employees that will not be using a forklift be trained to use them or if only using a certain type they don’t have to be trained on all within the business. The person who gives the forklift training must be certificated and have lots of knowledge with dealing with forklifts. It is not mandatory that the trained employee be given a license to drive a forklift. That is left up to the discretion of the employer, but a certification must be keep by the employer stating the date of the training, name of the operator, the date of the evaluation or reevaluation.

OSHA Forklift Training

Employees must be evaluated on the forklifts that they will be using. A forklift is any mobile power-propelled truck used to carry, push, pull, lift, stack or tier materials, that is that is ridden or controlled by a walking operator. Here is the basic types such as the high lift trucks, counter-balanced trucks, cantilevered trucks, rider trucks, forklift trucks, high lift platform trucks, low lift trucks, low lift platform trucks, motorized hand trucks, rough terrain trucks, reach rider trucks, pallet trucks, high lift order picker rider trucks, high lift order picker rider trucks, narrow aisle rider trucks, motorized hand/rider trucks, straddle trucks, and single side loader rider trucks. Some more nontraditional trucks that the employers must also perform evaluations, are side handlers, container top handlers other trucks that need training, yard tractors, straddle carriers, semi-tractor/utility vehicles, hustlers, top loaders, and Container reach stackers. Road haulage trucks are not included in this category. If any of these types of vehicles are to be used in the work place all employees who use them must be trained and evaluated. One piece of advice, since everyone knows visual learning can sometimes work best and as always it is important to keep a variety of training tools at your disposal, forklift training videos ca be useful.

At the moment there are no medical requirements for the driving of a forklift. It is up to the employer to provide training, not OSHA. If the employer usually hires from a temporary agency, it is between the two parties to decide who will provide the training and must be put into the contract. If a new employee is hired they must be able to prove their knowledge and skills before they can use the forklift at their new employer and must have documentation of their past experience.
At times an employee may have to be given a reevaluation. If they are using the machinery improperly and in an unsafe manner then a reevaluation is in order. Some other reasons for a reevaluation are if an employee was in an accident with a forklift, if they failed a evaluation, if there are given a new type of truck to drive, or if the employer changes the work place in a way that could affect the employees safety while using the vehicle.


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