OSHA Construction Accidents are a major issue in the workplace, and even society itself. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is like the FCC or FDA of workplace safety. So, one of the greatest concerns for OSHA is construction accidents. They can cause a great deal of damage to property and injury to individuals. OSHA construction accidents can harm property and people not only on the work site, but also in the surrounding area.

OSHA Construction Accidents Guidelines

To make sure your workplace is OSHA construction accident safe, you will need to follow some guidelines to make sure that danger is at a minimum, and worst case that if a construction accident occurs, OSHA will not destroy your business. OSHA.gov is the place to go for detailed information on all actions that should be taken on the part of a construction business to avoid accidents and the legal ramifications that follow, but here is a simplified list of OSHA construction accidents prevention, just to give you an idea:

    OSHA Construction Accidents Safety

  1. Leading OSHA construction accidents hazards: falling, stairways and ladders, scaffolding, electrical, trenching, motor vehicle safety.
  2. OSHA Construction Accident Safety Requirements Consideration: Personal Protective Equipment, Hand and Power Tools, Concrete or Masonry Products, Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Elevators, or Conveyors, Welding, Cutting, or Brazing, Residential Construction, Steel Erection, Fire and Emergency Action, Hazard Communication, and more. Links are available on OSHA’s website to find out more considerations that may apply to your worksite.
  3. Survey your workplace for additional hazards not covered by OSHA
  4. Create Jobsite Safety and Training Programs to educate employees on proper jobsite safety related to your particular job
  5. Ensure that all employees are properly trained on jobsite safety
  6. Reporting and Record Keeping: Make sure that appropriate OSHA posters are posted, keep records of all worksite related death or injury, and report all such occurrences to OSHA immediately.
  7. Investigate additional compliance information: Spanish speaking employees, teen or young employees, employees with musculoskeletal disorders, OSHA compliance targeted at your specific construction industry.

Last but certainly not least, if you go through OSHA’s checklist but still have concerns, call them at (800) 321-OSHA (6742).

OSHA Construction Accidents Compliance

If you go to OSHA’s website, review their guidelines for OSHA construction accidents prevention, seek additional resources, and call them if need be, there is a much smaller range of tragedy that can befall your workplace. At best, proper planning and compliance will prevent OSHA construction accidents completely. At worst, an employee will still eventually get hurt, or even killed. But in this worst case scenario, the employer can at least find some consolation in the knowledge that they did everything they could to prevent such a tragedy, and will likely see no serious legal consequences as a result of the injury and/or death. It takes a lot of effort to properly follow OSHA construction accidents prevention guidelines. So much so that a business could employ a person or perhaps even a staff of personnel just to go through all of the OSHA construction accident safety details that pertain to their worksite. The bottom line is that the money and/or effort required is well worth it if it saves a single life, and will likely be worth it in terms of the legal fees it will save when and if OSHA construction accidents occur.


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