As office safety tips go, first on the list is that safety in the office must always be taken seriously. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure all safety procedures are being followed to protect themselves and others. When accidents’ in the office occur everyone suffers. People are physically hurt and can also lose money from time off of work. People who aren’t involved in the accident directly suffer because work place accidents’ can cause insurance cost to go up. Many things that cause office related accidents can easily be prevented. Here are some safety tips that will help to keep your office accident free.

If you are an employer, have a meeting with your office staff to discuss coming up with a safety program. Make sure to get feedback from all your employees. They may have valuable ideas on safety that you may have over looked. If you are an employee suggest to your manager or supervisor the importance of coming up with a safety program and offer to help get the program under way. After the program is developed it is necessary to post signs visible to everyone stating the safety procedures. Have them posted in a highly visible area such as the break room or other common areas.

Every office should set up a no trip zone. What this means is any place that people generally walk needs to be keep clear of clutter. Excess paper, personal items, electrical cords should all be put in the appropriate places. Nothing should be sticking off or hanging off anyone’s desk. Make sure the computer, the printer, sharp objects, and anything else a person could be hurt on is pushed back far enough that no one runs into it when they are walking by. People often look straight ahead when they are walking not down at their feet. When a person leaves there area they need to make sure that all cabinets and drawers are shut at their desk. This is a very common trip hazard. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure all spills are cleaned up quickly and accurately so no one slips including themselves. If everyone keeps their own area clean and tidy this is a sure fire way to prevent office related accidents.

Tips For Employee Office Safety

It is also very important for each employee to protect themselves from office accidents. The correct use of office tools is crucial. A person who tries to open a box with a paper cutter stands a real chance of being severely injured. The correct tool would be a box opener, and it’s a very good idea for offices to supply safety razors so, so there is no chance of a blade being left out and someone getting cut. Jewelry, hair and anything else that can be caught in office machinery should be taken care of properly. Long hair needs to be tied back. Loose articles of clothing and jewelry need to be paid close attention to so they don’t get stuck in anything. When lifting an item everyone must remember to bend at the knees. If something is too heavy to lift, then they must ask for help. Appropriate behavior must always be executed at the office, absolutely no horseplay. If an employee is found doing this then it is up to the employer to take immediate corrective action.
Some other great tips for office safety are make sure all book shelves are fasten correctly to the walls. A person could be severely injured if a book shelf fell on them. Another necessary must have for any office is a first aid kit. A simple cut could become infected and cause a lot more damage in the long run, but could have been prevented with a simple band aid.

Additional Office Safety Tips

Another substantial safety hazard is electrical systems. Everyone must always check for broken and frayed electrical cords and report them at once. A person could easily be electrocuted or worse a fire could start. All liquids must be keep away from anything electric, once again this is a huge fire hazard. Any door to an electrical room should always be keep free of destructions in case of an emergency.

Fire safety is always one of the most important topics that must be covered. It is a good idea for everyone to sit down and have a meeting just about fire safety alone. Fire exits should be clearly labeled and absolutely no destructions blocking any exit. In case of fire a evacuation plan should be clearly drawn up. Everyone should know to stay calm and what exit route to take. Once a fire route is set into action signs should be posted stating where everyone should go. A meeting place should be set up outside the building, where everyone can meet and be accounted for. It is also crucial that all employees learn how to operate a fire extinguisher and where the extinguishers are located. It might also be of value for the employer to invest in CPR classes for the office.

As anyone can see office related accidents are very easily avoided, with the knowledge of a few simple office safety tips. Communication is very important between employer and employee. A safety plan should be thought of and put into action. An office no trip zone can help to prevent slips, trips, and falls. It’s up to each employee to look after themselves and others. Electrical systems must be closely paid attention to. Fire safety most always be set as a top priority. With these few safety tips any office can prevent accidents.


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