Prior to getting started with your safety programs, safety meetings, signs and other training materials it might be a smart idea to check out some common office safety checklists. You can run down the list and ask yourself these questions before you get started or you could turn these office safety checklists into a safety poster to be used around your office.  Copy the checklist into Microsoft word, then choose a background and print style for your safety checklist, print that out and you have yourself a safety poster you can use in your office to remind employees what they should keep on their minds regarding safety practices in the office.

What is an Office Safety Checklist?

Okay, so this is all fine and dandy but what the heck is an office safety checklist and where can you get one?  Well office safety checklists are not always the same.  Sometimes you may find that you wish to create your own checklist with all the safety topics and procedures that are most common in your business structure.  Another good place to get in touch with safety is of course the mother of safety themselves, OSHA safety checklist.  What could be better than going directly to the horse’s mouth for safety instructions. Here is an example of a safety form in use in Nevada and you can view this office safety checklist online anytime.


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