May has many safety events in 2011It’s May (or at least it was May at the time this was written)! May is a big month for safety in 2011 or any other year! May is both Bike Safety month and National Electrical Safety Month. Almost every month has a safety focus. In May of 2011, the focus is on bikes and electrical safety. May has also been recently proclaimed to be national building safety month by Barack Obama. There is also boating safety week in May. Obama proclaims that building safety and fire prevention are critical to homeland security. The proclamation gives credit to the International Code Council members for their work in the business of saving lives daily. This is a refocusing on rules regulations and standards for building construction safety to ensure that all new buildings that go up, and all old buildings that are inspected, be safe, resilient structures resistant to the weather and the like. This applies to homes, workplaces, and public buildings.

National Safe Boating Week also falls in the month of May. This is a week that recognizes the dangers of Boating. An estimated 30% of the American population will be out on a boat at least one time this year. Unfortunately, boating can be dangerous, and sadly, some people will not return from there outings. The National Safe Boating Council and the National Weather Service pair up during National Boat Safety week to promote boat safety for all boaters, both commercial and recreational. Every day during National Safe Boating week, the NWS (National Weather Service) will broadcast a public information announcement on the All Hazards NOAA weather channel.

    National Boat Safety Week Announcements May 2011

  • Saturday: Life Jackets
  • Sunday: Boating Under the Influence
  • Monday: Inflatable Life Jackets
  • Tuesday: Wind and Waves
  • Wednesday: Thunderstorm Safety
  • Thursday: Safe Navigation in Fog
  • Friday: Marine Forecast

The U.S. Coast Guard estimates that about 70% of boating accidents are caused by a lack of knowledge of proper safety procedures, so many boating tragedies could be avoided if people were simply aware of proper safe procedures. This is why a boating safety week in May 2001 is needed.

In recognition of May’s Boating Safety Awareness week in 2011, here are some simple boating safety tips to follow.

    Boating Safety Tips for May 2011

  • Watch your children. A child can drown in under 20 seconds.
  • Don’t drink and boat! About one out of every 3 boating accidents involve alcohol consumption. Boating for more than 4 hours can simulate drunkenness, because of the vibration, noise, and sun. Add alcohol into the mix and it is a very dangerous situation!
  • Know the boating safety rules
  • Know how to swim. Just because you’re on the boat and don’t plan on getting in the water, doesn’t mean you aren’t going to end up there!
  • Be wary even if you do know how to swim. If someone is overboard, start by throwing them a flotation device. The water in your pool is not the same as the water in the ocean or bay!

May Safety Events & Happenings 2011

    May Safety Awareness 2011

  • May and June are prime time for ticks. It’s tick season!
  • Bike Safety Awareness
  • Electrical Safety Awareness
  • Building Safety Awareness
  • National Boating Safety Week (May 21st to May 27th)

May: Bike Safety Month 2011

May is also bike safety month, so be wary of bike safety in 2011! In May, June, and July, kids get their bikes out and go riding more than any other time of year. This increases the number of biking accidents that occur. Kids frequently fall off of their bikes and get scrapes and bruises, but worse things can, have, and will happen. May is a time to think about bike safety and encourage proper safety on bikes. Make sure your child (and you) wear proper protect biking gear, including knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets. Children often are reluctant to wear helmets. But, they must! In order to get them to wear a helmet, try letting them pick out one they like. As far as making sure that the helmet is properly fit on the head, try the eyes, ears, and mouth test. If you look up, you should see the brim of the helmet. The straps of the helmet should form a v under the ears when buckled. Finally, when the mouth is open wide, the helmet should hug the head. Make sure if you are a driver you keep a closer eye out for bikers.. They are going to be around more frequently now than any other time of year!

May: National Electrical Safety Month 2011

May is also National Electrical Safety month. This is a time to be conscious of your electrical products and their safety to others. Be aware that some companies sell counterfeit electrical products like batteries, light bulbs, power strips, and extension cords. These products come extra cheap and are often made by cutting corners. What is worse is that these are not always tested for safety compliance. This is doubly dangerous. May is a good time to throw out old electrical products you may be suspicious about and get new ones that you know meet safety compliance standards. Additionally, check your outlets cords, and lights already in use to make sure there are no rips, tears, cracks, or burn marks.


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