Managing change in the workplace can always be a challenge, but in order for a company to develop and grow change is always needed. How to manage workplace changes is a process. A company is started. They are small with few employees and few customers. Over time sales increase, customers increase and the number of employees needed to sustain the growing business increases. Without the willingness for change and development a company cannot grow. The key to running a fantastic company lies within change.

As an employer it is always up to you to find ways to make positive change happen. Change doesn’t just happen by itself, but bringing it about can sometimes is a difficult task. Personal feeling must always be put to the side. It’s important to understand that you may not always agree with what needs to be changed but if it’s going to make the business stronger then it’s at least worth a try.

Change in the work place can be very difficult for employees. An employee can get very used to the job they perform and may become stuck in a certain pattern of doing things. When a change is to take place that person might feel scared that they will not be able to perform the new duty. It’s your job as the employer to conform that this type of thing is irrational. Show your employees that you are supportive of them and believe they are very capable of undertaking the new change. Dealing with new hires also can be a little bit of challenge. Especially if they have a lot of experience with the work they will be performing and if they spent a long time working for the same company. It is up to you to express when they are hired that you understand they have lots of experience but their last job might have done things differently then how your company does. If that’s the case, then they must be willing to adapt to your company’s ways of doing things.

When implicating change within the work place it’s important to introduce the change in a very stress free environment. Know all the facts before you introduce the change to your employees. If you are confidant in the change your employees will be to. Let them see how well organized you are, this will really help them to gain trust in your ideas. Sometimes changes are difficult for the employees. If layoffs happen many people are going to feel resentful, but try to balance the negative change with a positive one. Maybe start a new program that will give them more training for their jobs.

The most important part of managing change in the work place is to remember to always keep the line of communication open for all your employees. Sometimes it may be hard because you very well could be busy, but always make time to listen to the concerns and the suggestions of your employees. It makes them realize that you care and the feedback could possibly help to make the change even better.

 Always remember to monitor the effects of the change in the workplace. At first it might have seemed like a really great idea, but after careful monitoring you could realize it is doing more harm than good. If that’s the case then it just might be time for change again.


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