Lifting things safely at work. One of the more common problems found at work is the right way to lift something.  Though it may sound like something that everyone may know I can assure you there are still questions that many have over a simple procedure like how to lift something safely and properly to avoid back injury at work.  The worst thing you can do is lift something the wrong way as the reprocussions will no doubt not make you happy.  I know as a youngster I made the mistake of misjudging the weight of a particular box I was asked to move from the storage area to the front office.  Being a fit young man I just walked right over and snatched the box up as though it were the weight of a feather,  as it turned out this box weighed almost hundred pounds.  Now because I didn’t prepare myself to lift that much weight I ended up pulling something in my back which has caused me injuries in the decades to come. 

Making sure your employees know the proper weight to lift something while in your employ can save you much money in insurance. Were one o your employees to injure their back it can become a life long problem that you may end up responsible for.  Lifting something incorrectly can cause more than just back problems, you can end with problems breathing and sometimes joints, ligaments, and bones can be injured or broken in other places on your body than your back.  Your legs, arms, and chest can be injured just as easily as your back when lifting safety has been ignored.

Proper Lifting safety Steps

  • How to lift a heavy object safely.
  • Teach your employees proper lifting procedures in the work area.
  • Display signs or posters to remind employees the proper way to lift.
  • Catchy slogans or quotes also serve a friendly and cheerful reminder of how to keep your workplace safe.

When preparing to lift something, there are just a few simple things to remember. 

  1. Make sure to get yourself into a comfortable position prior to picking anything up.
  2. Bending the knees when picking somthing up from the floor or beneath you helps protect your back.
  3. Never lift anything that is too heavy for you.
  4. Never use just the back when lifting.
  5. Always make your whole body work for you when lifting, your legs should actually take on most of the weight when lifting, not your arms.


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