Lab safety should always be taken seriously. Severe burns, fires, and even death can result from the avoidance of lab safety procedures. Dressing appropriately is one of the most important safety procedures in any lab. If a person has long hair it should always be tied back. Jewelry and baggy clothes should never be worn. A person should always have on closed toed shoes. Never wear sandles. Even just a small spill of a hazardous material can cause chemical burns and wearing open toed shoes is just inviting danger. Some other items that should always be worn are a lab coat or smock, gloves, and goggles. A person should never wear contact lenses when dealing with chemicals. If the chemicals splash in a person’s eyes this could cause the contacts to burn to their eyes. If someone must have a prescription then it is important that they use prescription goggles. The best prevention against lab accidents is to have as much of your body as possible covered up with clothing.

All chemicals should be considered harmful. Even the smallest spill should be cleaned up immediately. If any chemical comes in contact with skin, the area that came in contact with the chemicals should be rinsed for twenty minutes. A person should never neglect chemicals that come in contact with the skin. It might not be bothersome at the moment but in the long run it could cause serious injury. There are many important things that should be located in the lab and everyone should know where they are located in the lab. One of the most important things is the eyewash fountain. Everyone should also know how to work it properly. Here are a few other things that the location of is important fire alarm box, fire extinguishers, evocation route should be posted, safety shower if available, glass/chemical trash can, and dust brush and dust pan.

Lab safety should always be considered important. Here are a few more safety tips.
- Never eat or drink in the lab. A person should never take the chance of ingesting chemicals.
- When working in a lad always be professional. One wrong more could cause a serious accident.
- If a person has to smell a chemical it is important that a person never puts their nose to a test tube. The person should always hold the test tube away from their body and wave their hand over top until they get the scent.
- Always check first to see if a test tube has been heated before it is picked up.
- If a test tube is being heated it is important that is pointed away from other people in the room.
- Boiling chips should always be added to any chemical that is being heated beforehand.
- If inserting rubber toppers into a glass tube always make sure to use glycerin.
- Chemicals should never be placed directly on a pan balance. They always should be in some type of container.


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