Behaving Safely In The Laboratory Is Mandatory! Use Lab Safety Posters to remind yourself, students, teachers, professors employees, or co-workers of the importance of safety in the lab. This lab safety poster would serve well for school lab safety, as it is geared more toward a classroom lab setting. Let kids and adults alike learning about the lab know to practice safely while in the lab. This poster is dedicated to reminding everyone exactly what behavioral safety rules should be followed while working in the lab. Keeping safety on your mind while working in a laboratory is a necessary first step to ensuring that no one is hurt while on the job. Lab safety posters serve as an easy, yet effective way to remind Lab Workers or Lab Students of exactly how important safety can be in the laboratory. Certainly not the only safety practices and procedures to remain aware of, but how to behave safely while working in the lab is definitely of the utmost important to you and everyone around you.

Why Display Lab Safety Posters?

When working in a laboratory you are often handling dangers chemicals, liquids, substances, and other hazardous materials. The importance of Lab Safety cannot be stressed enough by ourselves, the employer, the owner of the lab, the school, college, (or other educational institute) and certainly OSHA. There are many safety rules that govern how to properly and safely perform your job while working in a lab. Making everyone in the lab aware of how the should behave when working around these types of materials is a mandatory first step to lab safety preparation and lab safety awareness. I would suggest hanging this poster somewhere immediately visible when entering the Lab so that everyone who enters is immediately made aware of how the should be behaving while at work in the lab.

What Does The Lab Safety Cover?

This safety poster stresses Proper Lab Safety Behavior. Probably more suited toward classroom labs, or school lab safety settings. The list of safety guidelines and advice that this lab safety poster displays are as follows:

  • Always Conduct Yourself In A Responsible Manner.
  • Never Indulge In Horseplay or Other Behavior That Could Lead To Injury.
  • Perform Only Those Experiments Authorized By The Instructor.
  • Do Not Bring Food Or Drink Into The Laboratory.
  • Never Taste Any Material In The Laboratory.

Again this poster would be great for lab classroom doors or somewhere that can be in plain view for all students, teachers, professors, employees, or coworkers to see while working in the lab. But the advice is good for any lab setting. It never hurts to place as many lab safety posters as possible around the room to encourage proper lab safety awareness.

Below you can find some other great chool lab safety posters for your classroom. There are several types of posters that you can post around the lab to inform kids of the proper lab safety guidelines that should be observed while working in the lab.


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