Job safety awareness is possibly the most important facet of workplace safety. When your employees become aware of safety methods, laws, acts, policies, procedures, and good practices it keeps safety an important topic on their minds through the work day.

How can you make job safety awareness a part of your company’s daily activities?

  • Promote safety on an individual basis and give each employee the attention they need to learn about safety and promote safety among other employees.
    • This is especially important with Managers and Supervisors as they are the people responsible for teaching safety awareness and best practices with the employees for which they are in charge. Their safety awareness and safety promotions will trickle down the line and help all employees down the chain keep safety on their minds.
  • Promote safety in writing.
    • Printing safety articles, perhaps in a company newsletter or office emails will serve as job safety awareness reminder for your staff. Perhaps have an employee write up these safety newsletters and email mailing lists so that that employee can promote on the safety policies that deal with your business.
      • Injury Prevention Letters.
      • Safe work environment posters, signs, and promotions.
      • Customer safety on your business’s premises.
      • Clean up safety procedures.
      • Disposal of chemical wastes or other hazardous materials that are involved in your company’s daily jobs.
      • There are many safety procedures specific to individual company practices that only your employees may be in tune with. In house printing of newsletters is an excellent plan to keep employees safety aware in the workplace.
  • Hold safety meetings on the job, in your workplace.
    • Promoting safety awareness in your company’s meetings can be very effective, especially for new hires as it gets them started off on the right track.
    • Health videos, safety videos, safety training exercises and other awareness programs may be a tad boring but become ingrained in your employees as time goes on. Safety Videos are always an easy and fun way to promote safety on the job.
  • Offer safety prizes, safety awards, or other incentives to keep your employees interested!

Know other more unique safety awareness methods that produce better results?

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