Internet safety tips may seem obvious, but not all of them are. When it comes to your family you always want to protect them from harm. The internet is the perfect place to start. Predators lurk around every corner and if you don’t take the proper precautions your children could be at risk. There are many things on the computer that could be harmful to a child, without the proper controls installed you can never be sure what your children are being exposed to. By following these internet safety tips you can help to stop harm before it happens.

It is a good idea to have the internet rules posted clearly next to every computer in the house. When you make the rules have a family meeting so everyone know what is expected of them. If the rules aren’t followed make sure to take the right disciplinary action. So everyone knows that the internet rules must always be followed.

Make sure everyone understands they are never to give their personal information out, such as name, telephone number, credit card information, or anything that could lead to serious trouble down the road. Identity theft can happen very easily and by giving out your personal contact information everyone in the family is being put at risk.

Additional Internet Safety Tips

It is important to make sure your children understand that not everyone is who they say they are. If you allow your children to go into chat rooms make sure they know that the sixteen year old girl could be a forty-nine year old man. Make sure you are always monitoring what chat rooms they are in and get to know who they are talking to. Let it be clear and well know that under no circumstance is anyone ever to meet someone from off line in person. The best tip of advice is do not allow your children into chat rooms at all. Whether it is at school or at a friend’s house, be aware of all the computers that your child could be using.

Most computers theses days come with prenatal controls. If your computer does not come with prenatal controls there are many programs out there that specific in that, USE THEM! Always make sure the user account and password are in your name. Do not give this information to your children. Any computer in the house should be in a highly trafficked public area of the house such as the living room or den, so you can always keep a watchful eye on what your children are doing and what they are being exposed too. There are programs out there that will let you keep a log of what sites your children are using. Have this installed and check frequently where they are going. Most search engines have child safety versions. Have your child use one of them instead of the regular search engines. Some of the child friend search engines are Kidsclick, Ask for Kids, Msn Encarta, Cybersleuth Kids, Kol, and Yahoo!KIDS.


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