Every employer is responsible for complying with Health and Safety standards and regulations found in General Industry (29 CFR Part 1910)

Or in Occupational Health and Safety Standards for the construction Industry.

All states have a Health and Safety Act.

All companies what to prepare a complete Health and Safety Program in writing for their business. The program will provide their employees the safest workplace possible for the company’s most valuable assets -EMPLOYEES. Their health and safety is an important aspect of your business.

We realize that not every situation you encounter will be covered in the program you write but it shows your employees that you want to offer them a safe work environment.

Accordingly, employees must use common sense when addressing these situations. When in double, ask your supervisor.

Here are some tips for your Health and Safety Program.

  1. Provide a company policy statement indicating this company’s commitment to establish and maintain a Health and Safety workplace for all of it’s employees.
  2. Establish an initial inventory of potentially hazardous equipment/materials and to eliminate any unsafe working conditions or practices.
  3. Establish a regular Health and Safety inspection program to identify and correct any new potentially hazardous situations.
  4. Develop and institue an ongoing employee Health and Safety Training program to establish safety standards for every job.
  5. Provide necessary personal protective equipment and instructions for all equipment’s use and care for Health and Safety objectives.
  6. Enforce all health and safety rules, and require all employees to comply with these rules as a condition of employment.
  7. Establish investigation procedures that will promptly and thoroughly document every accident and near-accident to determine the cause and provide corrective action for your health and safety program.
  8. Establish and maintain all health and safety records and reports as directed by your state occupational Safety and Health Act or also known as Health and Safety Act.
  9. Be sure that these records are maintained in an office protective filing cabinet in case you would have to access these records years later for any claims arising from employee accident records. The Health and Safety Department is sometimes housed in Human Resources (HR) office, other times located in the Security Department and sometimes offsite. It is important that you know when these records are moved, that they are not destroyed and someone knows how to access all the health and safety information for your company. This would include training, safety committee meeting and accident reports


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