Construction Safety is ImportantGotta love funny construction safety quotes, if you’re in the business construction safety or not! Funny safety quotes are great in any field of work, and this includes construction safety. They can be a useful easy reminder of safety procedures. When it comes to construction, safety is critically important, because construction is a very dangerous job! So, in addition to other tactics like safety awareness meetings, funny construction safety quotes are of great benefit to encouraging and facilitating construction workplace safety.

Humorous Construction Safety Quotes

Below we have a good selection of humorous construction safety quotes. Some are more general (but would still apply to a construction workplace). Some are specifically related to construction. All are worth using to help remind construction workers to work safely. It is easy to get into the groove of working and neglect safety protocol from time to time. It is often the more experienced workers who get injured because they get to comfortable with their work. This is where humorous construction safety quotes can be particularly effective. Veteran workers would likely be offended by safety meetings, lectures and the like. But, funny construction safety quotes may get a chuckle out of them, and remind them to keep safety in mind while working. Below are several humorous construction safety quotes that you can use at your workplace to help promote construction safety.

    Humorous Construction Safety Quotes

  • Follow the safety rules or you will be fired before you hit the ground
  • Safety is contagious. Go ahead, spread it around!
  • Think about the task at hand, rather than losing the hand you are using
  • If you think a safety officer is a pain, try a leg fracture!
  • Everybody goes home. Hospital food is lousy, and the Coroner doesn’t cook.
  • Safety glasses: All in favor, say “Eye!”
  • Forgot your hearing protection? Forget about hearing!
  • Falling objects can be brutal if you don’t protect your noodle
  • This machine can kill you.
  • When the sun is glowing and frying your head, find some shade and water instead.
  • If you give somebody a hand, make sure there is a glove on it.
  • If your feelin’ beat because of the heat, do what you oughta and keep drinking water.
  • Don’t be a fool – inspect your tools
  • A hardhat on your head keeps you from being dead

In addition to these funny construction safety quotes, we have some humorous construction safety slogans below as well. Slogans tend to be a little more catchy, more like safety one liners, and tend to rhyme.

Funny & Humorous Construction Safety Quotes And Slogans

Lets take a break from the funny construction quotes and humorous construction safety slogans, and talk seriously for a moment. Construction is a very important industry. Thanks to construction, houses, apartments, museums, skyscrapers, bridges, schools, hospitals, airports, condos, towers, dams, aqueducts, and more are built by construction workers. To build these buildings, they need heavy duty vehicles and lots of heavy concrete, metal girders, steel beams, and other materials. They work on dangerous locations with heavy duty tools and put themselves at risk to put these massive works up into the air. Without construction, a great deal of the human project would be lost. So, construction is critically important, and it requires skilled workers. They are critically important. Protecting them is critically important. Construction safety is critically important! That is why every strategy, every tactic, every approach can and should be taken to facilitate and encourage safety. So even though funny construction safety quotes are humorous, we use them for a very serious reason. We encourage construction safety in a light-hearted way to provide easy to remember ideas on how to stay safe in the construction workplace. Everyone deserves a safe workplace, construction workers need more safety training then other workers, and construction is a very important job, so this is why we have gathered these humorous safety slogans, one liners, and quotes. To help encourage safety for the construction workers of the world! So anyway, back to the funny construction safety slogans.

Funny Construction Safety Slogans & One Liners

  • For Avalanche Zones: Don’t Be Freakin’, carry your beacon!
  • Accidents happen in an instant, scars last a lifetime
  • Prepare and Prevent instead of Repair and Repent
  • KISS: Keep it Safe and Sound
  • Safety is our 1st Ingredient
  • There’s no face like your own, wear face protection.
  • It’s not how fast you go it’s knowing when to go slow
  • Don’t be a fool. Use the proper tool.
  • Pull in your head when low beams are near, or your head could be forced into your rear.
  • When rain comes down and puddles pool, cover up – protect your tool
  • Build safety into everything you do
  • Construction without destruction
  • When on a ladder, don’t stand back to admire your work
  • You cant pick up your pay with no fingers
  • Dont get hurt or you’ll get fired

We hope you have enjoyed these construction safety quotes and construction safety slogans that we found funny. Our goal is to continue to lighten the mood by constantly providing additional funny construction safety quotes and slogans that may serve to may the task of maintaining safety on the construction work site a little less tedious and perhaps even fun for all involved. We’ll be gathering additional quotes and slogans that you can use to make your employees or boss laugh around the construction site while also using them as a friendly reminder on how you can best maintain proper construction safety methods.


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