Food safety involves many different facets of safety that deal with workplace food regulations and issues as well as general food safety guidelines. The FDA (Food and Drug Association) governs the laws and regulations that deal with nutrition and food safety. There are two very important laws / acts that govern food safety. These are the Commodity Labeling Law and the sanitation act.

Recent Food Safety News :

At present the commodity labeling law dictates that it must be specified by the labeler to include where the final food products were originally located and shipped from. This means that after the food is canned or preserved in other ways, it must be clear where this packaging took place.

The sanitation act, in part states that food companies must inform us via the label what the ingredients were used to create each food as well as the quantities of each ingredient that was used to make foods be clearly placed on the label of all foods.

Recently the DPP Proposed changes to the sanitation act and food commodity laws :

The changes proposed were that foods must be labeled to specify the origin of the actual ingredients in all foods and not simply where the food was finally packaged.

This seems an obvious decision to me as it is nice to know where you food was packaged and distributed from, however knowing where the actual ingredients came from serves another important food safety cause. The fact is that in more recent times there have been several scary incidents involving foods grown in certain areas of the world and what health concerns arose from these foods being shipping to the United States for distribution. You may recall that many restaurants stopped serving certain spinaches for awhile a year or so ago. Reason being that they couldn’t be certain which products contained ingredients from an area where these problems stemmed.

I believe this is an important step in furthering health, nutrition, and food safety for all.


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