Managing Ethics In The Workplace :

Workplace ethics and safety ethics in the office, more and more businesses are promoting good ethical practices in their offices.  In today’s world these issues are certainly on the rise and have been for quite some time as well they should be.  Promoting good ethical practices amongst your employees or coworkers is an excellent way not only to maintain safety, but also encourages good standards in your workplace. 

Ethics as described by the American Heritage Dictionary :

  • A set of principles of right conduct.
  • A theory or a system of moral values.
  • ethics - The study of the general nature of morals and of the specific moral choices to be made by a person; moral philosophy.
  • ethics - The rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of a profession: medical ethics.

What does ethics in the workplace have to do with your business or your employees?  You may think that this topic is absurd with regard to your company, I assure you, it is not.  Ensuring good ethical standards and practices in your workplace benefits not only your employees but you and your business as well.  Surprised?  Wondering how good ethical standards can influence your employees and your income?

With regard to your employees :

  • Good moral practices encourage employees to act morally.
  • High ethical standards indicate to your employees that you care about their needs, safety, and well being.
  • When there is a high moral code or standard at the office employees feel safer, more relaxed, less pressured and work more easily.
  • A stress free work environment. Stress levels among employees is a well known issue that hurts employee performance.

There are many more facets that we could cover here, but I believe you get the point at this juncture.  High ethical and moral standards in your job or at your office encourage a feeling of safety, friendship, and strong bonds in your business. 

Consider this as well :

When you search for employees with good ethical values you are almost guaranteed to hire a better employee.  Think about what type of people you want to surround yourself with?  As a boss you may not have to deal with every employee all day long, but remember your employees do, so try to make them as comfortable as possible.


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