Employee safety in the workplace must be put as top priority. Safety is an issue that both employees and employers must take very seriously. Accidents can occur at anytime and anyplace, but if people are aware of the safety measures, the majority of the time accidents can be avoided. Everyone must take responsible for their own safety and must also take action to help stop harm to others. As a team, everyone must work together to stop workplace injury and accidents. It is always up to the employer or manager to make sure that all safety rules are being followed. Here are some great tips and ideas on employee safety in the workplace that will help to make your company a lot safer.

When people start work at a new job, many times they just automatically think the workplace is safe, this is not always the case. If hiring new employees it is very important to go over and test each new employee about the safety rules. Find training videos that work for your company and make it mandatory that everyone watch them. If you run a deli, find movies are meat slicer safety. If you own a retail store find movies on trip hazards. At first it may seem like you are investing a lot of money in safety programs, but the cost of serious injury is a lot more expensive.

Employee Safety Importance

Each month hold safety meetings to discuss any important issues concerning employee safety in the workplace. Make up a list of safety questions that each employee must know the answers to. When they get an answer right, put their name in a box and every few months have a drawing. Don’t be afraid to reward your employees for doing a great job. Maybe if no one has been hurt on the job in six months have a pizza party. Let your employees know that you are proud of them and how they have work safely abiding by good safety practices. Another great idea is make one person in charge of safety. Make sure that this person is very well educated on workplace safety. If your employees have questions they can go to that person. Sometimes it is necessary for safety rules to change make sure that everyone is well informed about the changes taking place. Let your employees come to you with their concerns; they may have some wonderful ideas on how to make the workplace safer. Never ever be afraid of change, change is the only way to make things better.

If you would like more information on this topic OSHA’s website provides lots of very valuable materials on this subject and many others. Even if you are a small business OSHA has plenty of info for you. Here are a few facts from OSHA’s website. Employers with more than ten employees must have emergency action plan. The plan must require commitment from both the employer and the employee. OSHA will conduct an inspection to make sure that the plan is running smoothly.


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