Electrical safety tips are important for each employer to have and understand. When it comes to dealing with electrical and electrical equipment, safety always needs to be top notch in the office or workplace. Many things can go wrong when working with electrical systems. Each year many people are seriously hurt and often times death is an end result. Fire is always a huge concern when dealing with electrical. There are many simple steps that can be take to always ensure the safety of everyone, but everyone involved must understand the importance of following the electrical safety rules.

With all safety procedures it is of the most importance to make sure that all your employees are always properly trained. Injury can occur very easily, but especially when you are dealing with electrical. Whatever types of electrical system your employees are working with make sure you supply them with the training needed to operate the machine correctly and how to fix something if a malfunction takes place. When you are training your employees on electrical safety, stress to them how important it is for them to really take their time. Accidents happen the most when people are rushing to get a task done.

Workplace Safety Electrical Tips

The best words of advice that can be given with dealing with electric, is always make sure the power is turned off first before any work is started. Electrical related injuries cannot happen if there is no power supply. Here is a list of some great electrical safety tips that are sure to make your workplace safer. Some office electrical safety tips can be found below.

  • Never allow your employees to overload circuits. To many cords plugged into a sock it is a very easy way to start a fire.
  • When buying electrical equipment for your company, make sure that they are approved by a company such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
  • Make sure all electrical cords around the office are in good working condition. If you come across cords that are frayed or broken, make sure you have them replaced immediately.
  • It is a good idea to have a weekly check of all electrical appliances around the company to make sure everything is in good working condition.
  • Never keep electrical appliances around water. If a drink is spilled near a computer system, have it cleaned up immediately.
  • Be careful when using electrical extension cords. It is very important not to have too many things plugged in to the same cord.
  • Only have three prong plugs plugged into three prong sockets. 3 Prong plugs can only be safely plugged in to 3 pronged electrical outlets, or electrical sockets.
  • Make sure your staff is always wearing the right protective gear when dealing with electrical systems.
  • Always take the time to check to see if light switches and other such electrical systems are hot or overheating, if they are have them replaced right away.
  • Flickering lights can be a good indication that there could be electrical problems. If this occurs make sure to have it check out as soon as possible.
  • If electrical tools start to show wear and tear have them replace.


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