Demolition Safety Tips are critical for Safety at a Demolition SiteThe field of demolition is a very important, but very dangerous field. Demolition safety tips, along with demolition safety meetings, quizzes, quotes, slogans, and jokes are all great methods of encourage safety at a demolition site. In order to knock down a building, heavy machinery is needed, and operating heavy machinery requires skill. A mistake in operating heavy machinery can put the operator, and others near the operator, at risk. Knocking down a building creates a lot of falling debris, and in order to do so safely, without risk to workers or bystanders, requires a lot of careful planning.

Oftentimes, a building scheduled for demolition is going to be close to a street or highway. Imagine what would happen if a piece of falling debris rolled out into the street unexpectedly on a busy day! It could roll right into a bystanders’ car, or it could roll into the street and someone could drive right into it. This could cause a massive car wreck. Or, if a building scheduled for demolition is near other buildings, the debris could smash into the other buildings. If there are people living or working in the nearby buildings, they are at risk as well. And what about children? Children often like to explore, and a demolition site is an attractive exploration site for inquisitive children.

There are many safety precautions that need to be taken in the interest of ensuring that a demolition project is completed without any harm to other nearby structures, workers, or people. Out of context, demolition is a chaotic and the consequences of demolition are unpredictable. The field of demolition seeks to eliminate the chaos and control the destruction. This is what makes the work so challenging. It’s easy to knock down a building with a wrecking ball, but to do it in a way that is safe and does not cause collateral damage to other buildings, structures, and most importantly, people, is the real difficulty faced in the field.

List of Demolition Safety Tips

We have gathered a list of demolition safety tips here for your perusal. Maybe you are a skilled demolition worker, and one of these tips may provide a refresher on something you may have forgotten about over time. Maybe you are relatively new to the field and you would like to soak up as much demolition safety advice as possible. Maybe you are a supervisor, and you need to conduct a demolition safety meeting, and some of these tips can be incorporated into the meeting. Whatever the reason, if you are in the field of demolition safety, any tips, quizzes, guides, and the like are always worth reviewing!

    List of Demolition Safety Tips

  1. Personal protective equipment: make sure that you, and any employees working under you, all have a complete set of PPE gear for the job at hand. Hard hats, safety goggles, leather gloves, leather or steel tipped boots, etc.
  2. Makes sure that the PPE gear that you and your employees have are properly worn and used to ensure that they do the job of keeping people safe.
  3. Make sure demolition sites are properly restricted from bystanders so that no civilians can unexpectedly be found on the site while working.
  4. Make sure that all heavy machinery is in proper working order before operating.
  5. Make sure that all workers operating heavy machinery are awake, alert, and prepared to do so.
  6. Immediately before initial demolition of a building, and every day before more demolition work is done, ensure that the building is empty of people so that no one gets hurt.
  7. Handle explosives carefully. Follow all applicable safety procedures when transporting, handling, and using explosives. Make sure explosive material is of proper quantity so that explosions are large enough to do their job, and no larger.
  8. Everyone on the work site should know everyone on the work site. No unauthorized personnel should be found at the work site. This is important before demolition, during demolition, and after wards as well. Once the building is down, moving the debris is still a dangerous task. Everyone must be vigilant in preventing unauthorized personnel from entering the work site until the work is completely done.
  9. Illumination: all work areas should be properly lighted so that vision is clear.
  10. When using chutes to move debris into containers, ensure that chutes are enclosed.
  11. Refer to OSHA website for additional tips.
  12. If you are a bystander, stay as far away from demolition sites as possible. If you are driving by a demolition site, don’t stare at it, that distracts you from the road. You may glance over at it just to keep an eye out, in case a rogue piece of debris rolls out into the road.
  13. Demolition Safety Tips for a Meeting

    Many of these tips can be useful demolition safety tips to incorporate into a meeting. There are more tips to be found on the OSHA website and elsewhere online. OSHA is the official governing body of safety in the workplace, so always refer to OSHA whenever you are planning a demolition safety meeting. A well run safety meeting before a particular demolition project can help to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being before, during, and after the demolition job, both for workers and bystanders!


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