Contruction Site Safety Operations Example :

To demonstrate what the importance of workplace safety can mean I will draw on an example of a larger project.  When large companies undertake projects that most would not you can see prime examples of good safety practices in effect.  Contruction sites make for a very hazardous area and as such it can be more difficult to maintain safety on the site.  Another problem with contruction is that though your workers may be informed regarding best safey practices, the fact is that contruction sites are “unmanned” during the hours where your employees are not present.  This opens the floodgates to numerous hazards that may be out of your hands considering you are not able to “guard” your project 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do you maintain safety while not at the construction site?

Parking Garage Construction Site Safety Example

A fine example :

A parking garage being built in Las Vegas, Nevada and what this contractor did to ensure safety around the site while no one is present.  This was a fabulous example of the extremes to which you should adhere to maintain safety at your construction site.
Construction Site Safety Practices. A parking garage under construction and what one contractor did to prevent falling debris and other accidents at his construction site.

A building cover or basically a tarp placed over the structure to isolate the framework under construction and prevent accidents before they happen.  This is certainly a site to see when dealing with large structures.


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