Today, Monday April 25th kicks off Construction Safety Week in New York. NYC has made this week in April a dedication to remember to keep in mind safety when working in the field of construction. New York has maintained Construction Safety Week for the past 6 years and this year mark the 7 year anniversary of the event.

The city and safety government officials host a bevy of construction safety events, including construction safety seminars & construction safety meetings cover a wide array construction safety topics including a lecture where experts in the field of construction safety will discuss how to build safely on the construction site as well as how proper planning before getting started with any construction project promotes better safety practices on the job site.

Construction Safety Week Events

Though there will no doubt be a bevvy of choices when it comes to better educating yourself about construction safety or finding the right tools to get the job done safely you can find specific events happening in New York during the week of April 25th to April 29th, dubbed “Construction Safety Week”.

Some if these events include a conference or seminar help by New York Construction Safety Experts discussing some of the larger issues at hand on the construction site and the most up to the minute advancements in safety protection and procedure on the job.

Construction Safety Week Topic Guesses

My guess is that the usual construction safety topics will be covered including references, education, and updates to demolition safety practices and procedures, scaffolding safety precautions and awareness, concrete and mixtures safety concerns, heavy machinery safety on the job site, and if I had to guess I would say there would most likely be a few product highlights for what the experts have found that works best in the field.

Check back at the end of New York’s Construction Safety Week and let us know if you attended and what you thought of what NYC Safety Experts had to offer this year in safety.


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