Conflict resolution in the workplace is a must. It is always a great idea to have a plan in place for when conflict arise and taking immediate action to solve the problem is always the best idea. At first it might seem like the right choice to avoid the problem, but avoidance never works. The conflict will rear its ugly head again and this time probably will be worse than if you had solved the problem in the first place. One of the best ways to keep conflict off the job is to always support a positive environment for your employees. Give your team praise. Let then no when they do a good job and also let them know areas that they need to improve on. Always discourage gossip and make sure everyone treats everyone with respect including you.

When conflict between employees comes along here are some ideas on how to handle the situation. Do not meet with each employee involved in the conflict separately. This will give them the opportunity to try and make you side with them. That is not your job, your job is to stay unbiased and fix the problem. Instead have a meeting with everyone involved. Get feedback from everyone as to how this problem can and will be fixed. Have all sides in the conflict committed to fixing the problem and if the problem continues then all parties involved will be disciplined. Let everyone know that you believe in their ability to fix the problem and that you know that they will fix it. The most important thing to remember is do not take sides, you were not there when the conflict came up, so you do not know who is right or wrong.

Here are some ideas on things to ask your employees while having the conflict resolution in the workplace meeting.
- First try and find out how the whole fight and argument first came about.
- Have your employees really consider if maybe they too are part of the problem.
- Ask them if there are problems that existed before this happened that is making this situation more difficult.
- Have everyone figure out what they are looking to achieve with fighting.
- Maybe your employees are upset about something that is not work related. Ask them if they are in the right state of mind to be handling this conflict on their own.
- Have them consider what would happen if this problem wasn’t taken care of and what could be the outcome if one person takes control over the situation.
- Maybe a job wasn’t done to the correct standard and now the employees are just trying to place blame on one another.
- Have them talk about what is the best solution for everyone that is involved in the conflict, not just the individual.
- After a solution has been found to the problem, it is important to come up with a solution that will prevent the same conflict from happening again.

Resolving Workplace Conflicts

I hoped this helped you better understand the root causes of how conflicts arise in the office as well as how you can best achieve rapid Conflict Resolution in the Workplace without unwanted incidents. Always remember that keeping a cool head at work and among your coworkers is an important part of your job, no matter what occupation you may be in. Remeber to avoid violence by resolving conlficts before they erupt into an uncontrollable situation.


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