Safety Quotes & Slogans

Inspire safety in your company by finding the right safety quote or safety slogans that motivates your employees or co-workers to get the job done safely. Whether it’s just a catchy quote or safety slogan, or a funny safety quote or funny safety slogan, sometimes it’s the easiest way to get people to keep safety at the forefront of their minds.

Funny construction safety quotes are important because they facilitate and encourage safety in the construction workplace! In a sense, they are important for a serious reason.. Come check out some funny and humorous construction workplace safety quotes we have gathered here.

Funny safety slogans are a fantastic way to bring a little humor into the work place. Although safety is never a laughing matter, bringing humor to it can make it less strenuous. Humor gets the point across but let’s everyone still enjoy themselves. Here is a list of a bunch of really funny safety slogans. [...]

What are catchy safety slogans and what important role do they play in safeguarding your workplace.  Why would one be concerned with which safety slogans are catchy and which are not. Winning safety slogans are one of the most relevant and simplest forms of a safety campaign that you can run among your employees.  With safety signs, quotes, slogans, [...]

Optimizing a list of safety slogans for the workplace is an excellent safety tip.  Workplace safety slogans help keep your employees oriented with the proper safety guidelines implemented by your administration or risk management leader.  When considering what safety slogans work best for your business, office, or whatever your workplace may be it is important to [...]

Safety quotes are not just here to bore you.
Safety quotes serve to enlighten and educate and hey let’s face it, they can be fun too!
Here are a few safety quotes that I like from around the web.  Hopefully they’ll help make folks remember to keep safety a primary concern at their business and also help [...]

Workplace safety quotes are both a useful and fun way to encourage and remind your workers to keep the workplace safe.  As mentioned in other articles employing new methods of maintaining workplace safety is an important aspect to “making the swtich” to a safe workplace or simply to maintain your workplaces current level of safety [...]