Protective Safety Equipment

Considering what safety equipment is appropriate for your company is a key first step in the preparation of a proper safety plan. Depending on the type of duties your employees have to participate in on a daily basis should determine the proper protective safety equipment you will need to supply your workers. Here we hope to better educate you on which protective safety equipment is the best for your job. You can also discover whether OSHA has created regulations that govern the type of safety equipment your line of work should be using and which of the safety gear is mandatory as per their rules and regulations.

Should you have a job that involves using your hands around dangers materials or performing duties that may result in injury to the hands you should evaluate your workplace hazards and asses whether or not hand safety protection ( safety gloves ) will be required. There are several dangers to your hand safety that [...]

When we are hard at work it’s important to stay focused on our jobs and not lose our heads, figuratively or literally! I know, it was a bad pun, but never the less keeping your head (grin) while on the job is important! Many people have jobs where they risk injury to their [...]

Your business cannot live without this safety equipment required by OSHA:
1. Smoke detectors: Install smoke detectors on every floor and outside each bedroom occupancy and test them regularly. You must keep documentation of who did the testing and when it was performed.
2. Fire extinguishers: Keep extinguishers in your kitchens including the [...]

Safety Equipment is a critical component of any workplace! No matter what you do, there is almost certainly going to be some kind of dangers inherent in the job. From housekeeping to construction, every job brings with it new dangers. The kind of safety equipment you will need for your workplace will vary based on [...]

Safety Shoes can be an integral part of the job when it comes to workplace safety. Some jobs may require footwear as per some dress code; some may not have a dress code pertaining to footwear. Other jobs require special safety shoes due to the nature of the work. Provided below is a short list [...]