OSHA Safety

OSHA is the countries driving force behind all safety matters. Whether you are providing the best safety practices for the health and well being of your employees, customers, and business or because you live in fear of that hefty OSHA violation fine, here you can discover the various ways you can stay safe and ensure that your company follows proper OSHA procedures and guidelines.

The OSHA Incident Rate works in many different ways. The main purpose of the OSHA Incident Rate is to compare the safety performance of your workplace to the state and national average of workplace safety. Using this Information, OSHA is able to make an educated comparison from business to business as to how each business [...]

Some of the required OSHA Workplace Safety Programs would include:
Asbestos Awareness
A presentation of the history, physical characteristics, and various types of asbestos containing materials. Discussions also include presumed asbestos containing material, friable conditions, exposure protection, potential health effects, and medical monitoring programs.
Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness
This class provides an overview of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. [...]

Some examples of OSHA Fines would be the following.
1. The employer did not furnish employment and a place of employment which were free from recognized hazards that were causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees in that:
a) Employees were exposed to injuries resulting from being struck by vehicles driven by [...]

The top 10 most frequently cited OSHA Citations under OSHA standards for special trade contractors are:
1. Scaffolding - see General Requirements 1926.451
2. Fall Protection - see General Requirements 1926.501
3. Ladders 1926.1053
4. Fall Protection -Training Requirements 1926.503
5. Aerial Lifts 1926.453
6. Hazard Communication 1910.1200
7. General Safety & Health Provisions 1926.20
8. Head Protection 1926.100
9. Scaffolding - Training Requirements [...]

Your business cannot live without this safety equipment required by OSHA:
1. Smoke detectors: Install smoke detectors on every floor and outside each bedroom occupancy and test them regularly. You must keep documentation of who did the testing and when it was performed.
2. Fire extinguishers: Keep extinguishers in your kitchens including the [...]

OSHA Forklift Guide & Requirements
OSHA Forklift Testing is not required by the employer but, evaluations must be given every three years. All employees must pass the evaluation to be able to perform any task using a forklift. Employees must show that they are capable of operating the machinery properly and safely. If the employee is [...]

OSHA was created and established by congress in 1974. In the 1960s work-related accidents and injuries increased 20%. It was time for OSHA to be established. House Representative William A. Steiger worked very hard to get the bill passed that would create OSHA. December 29, 1970, President Richard M. Nixon signed The Occupational Safety [...]

OHSA takes it standard setting very seriously. Everyone is allowed to give input on what they believe should be standards. People can have petitions draw up. Employers and employees can make suggestions along with state and local governments. Also the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Secretary of Health and Human [...]

What is an OSHA safety seminar? A OSHA seminar is a place to learn about OSHA testing requirements, OSHA Hazard Standards, Communication Standards and more. Learn where OSHA inspectors are likely to look so you can ready ahead of time and obtain recent information on OSHA’s latest changes and updates. Discover more beneficial and economical [...]

OSHA inspections are at the discretion of the Area Director or the Compliance Safety Health Director.  Inspections are usually held annually, unless there is reason for the inspectors to come more frequently such as hazardous materials in use. Inspections are to happen within normal working business hours and are not to disrupt the work habits [...]

Work-Related Injury Forms
*OSHA Form 300
Form for Recording Work-Related Injury or Illness
This form helps OSHA to understand the severity of an injury or illness. At the end of every year the employer should post the report so all employees can review it.
*OSHA Form 300A
Summary of Work-Related Injury and Illness
This form must be filled out by every [...]

   OSHA Safety and Health Program Rule :
The purpose of the OSHA Safety and health program rule is to reduce fatalities, illnesses, and injuries within the work place. All employers must provide workplace safety and health programs. The only employers exempt from this regulation are employers who work in construction or agriculture. All programs must be [...]