General Safety Information

This category serves to provide basic educational safety advice and awareness that do not fit our other safety categories. Find general safety plans, general safety guides, and general safety education and information you can use in your workplace.

Developing a workplace safety quiz and issuing it a certain amount of time after any material is formally covered is a great way to assess your workers’ understanding of proper safety. We supply some tips on how to develop and issue a quiz, as well as some quiz questions covering several different safety topics.

Time management in the workplace is a crucial skill that all employees and managers must possess in order to have a thriving business. When hiring new employees it is important you test their time management skills. Give them a few exercises to do and give them an appropriate time limit to get them completely. This [...]

Why is safety in the workplace important? This is a question that I think many managers find themselves asking themselves a lot. There are many reasons why safety in the work place is very important. There are two major reasons that will be talked about here. The first is about employees being comfortable and confident [...]

Every employer is responsible for complying with Health and Safety standards and regulations found in General Industry (29 CFR Part 1910)
Or in Occupational Health and Safety Standards for the construction Industry.
All states have a Health and Safety Act.
All companies what to prepare a complete Health and Safety Program in writing for their business. The [...]

Safety at work makes sense when supervisors get involved with the workers under them.
They prevent injuries and minimize the seriousness of injuries when an accident does occur by teaching safety at work in their divisional group meetings.
Supervisors should be taught to be “active listeners”. Communication between supervisors and workers is an important aspect of [...]

It can be hard to find free online workplace safety talks and safety training programs online. Many sites offer training programs but they can cost you from a few hundred dollars into the thousands or they say they offer training and you click on the link and it’s a bunch words that don’t have any [...]

Employee safety in the workplace must be put as top priority. Safety is an issue that both employees and employers must take very seriously. Accidents can occur at anytime and anyplace, but if people are aware of the safety measures, the majority of the time accidents can be avoided. Everyone must take responsible for [...]