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Thank you for visiting Below you can find our collection of workplace safety tips, workplace safety advice, safety quotes, safety slogans, safety jokes, and more safety related materials. In addition to basic safety advice and guides we also provide OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) materials to help further your safety learning. It is important for all of us to remain safe both at home and in the workplace.

When it comes to keeping a workplace safe, motivation is certainly a prime requisite. Those employees and especially supervisors who are in charge of keeping the work environment a safe place to perform one’s duties are also those responsible for properly inspiring co-workers to act in a safe manner in the workplace. On this [...]

Behaving Safely In The Laboratory Is Mandatory! Use Lab Safety Posters to remind yourself, students, teachers, professors employees, or co-workers of the importance of safety in the lab. This lab safety poster would serve well for school lab safety, as it is geared more toward a classroom lab setting. Let kids and adults [...]

Should you have a job that involves using your hands around dangers materials or performing duties that may result in injury to the hands you should evaluate your workplace hazards and asses whether or not hand safety protection ( safety gloves ) will be required. There are several dangers to your hand safety that [...]

When we are hard at work it’s important to stay focused on our jobs and not lose our heads, figuratively or literally! I know, it was a bad pun, but never the less keeping your head (grin) while on the job is important! Many people have jobs where they risk injury to their [...]

So we all enjoy listening to our favorite songs on the radio, and listening to our must watch television shows right? So then when we are at work we should certainly protect our ability to hear correctly! Ear Safety, like all aspects of safety is aimed at keeping ourselves and our senses safe from [...]

Developing a workplace safety quiz and issuing it a certain amount of time after any material is formally covered is a great way to assess your workers’ understanding of proper safety. We supply some tips on how to develop and issue a quiz, as well as some quiz questions covering several different safety topics.

Are you in the business of operating power tools? Whether you are an employer or employee, it is important that you have workplace safety in mind and be sufficiently prepared to operate any given power tool that your job may require. As an employer, you should take responsibility for your employees being prepared as well. We provide an extensive consideration of power tool safety here.

Scaffolds are in integral part of construction, and so scaffolding safety is an integral part of construction workplace safety. We have gather an extensive list of tips, advice, and suggestions to ensure maximum safety conditions while working on scaffolds.

Learn about keeping safe in and out of the workplace during the summer. Summer months bring summer fun, but they also also bring summer safety hazards. Do you know what safety risks are heightened during the summer? Come find out about it as we provide you a summer safety checklist guide for 2011.

Every month celebrates a different topic of safety. May safety in 2011 focuses on bike safety, electrical safety, and boat safety. Make sure that if you are boating, or biking, that you follow proper safety procedures. And for electrical safety make sure to check both the home and the workplace!

Got a demolition project coming up? Whether you are a worker, supervisor, or bystander, being aware of workplace safety and demolition safety tips can help keep you safe near demolition sites. We provide some top notch demolition safety tips to follow and incorporate into a workplace safety meeting here.

Funny construction safety quotes are important because they facilitate and encourage safety in the construction workplace! In a sense, they are important for a serious reason.. Come check out some funny and humorous construction workplace safety quotes we have gathered here.

Organizing your safety meetings by safety awareness topics and by frequency of meetings is a good way to cover all of your bases when it comes to communicating workplace safety to your employees. With a little forethought, and some guidance from us, you should be able to conduct meetings with pointed workplace awareness topics quickly and effectively.

This week marks National Playground Safety Week for April 2011 promoted by the National Safety Council. Each year April 25th to April 29th is dedicated to protecting our children by keeping them safe while they are playing at the local playground. Our children are the future and keeping a vigilant eye over their [...]

New York kick off Construction Safety Week, preparing for the next year in construction safety with seminars and and construction safety experts offering safety education and advice for those involved in the field of Construction. Attend this year’s safety conferences in New York to gain useful insights into the world of construction safety and receive construction safety tips from experts in the field.

Taking a look back and the top 10 safety tips as we see them from the past years. Taking a look to the future of safety and how to keep safe for 2011. Find some useful safety resources as well as a few different workplace environment safety tips covering various aspects of OSHA and workplace safety.

The OSHA Incident Rate works in many different ways. The main purpose of the OSHA Incident Rate is to compare the safety performance of your workplace to the state and national average of workplace safety. Using this Information, OSHA is able to make an educated comparison from business to business as to how each business [...]

Time management in the workplace is a crucial skill that all employees and managers must possess in order to have a thriving business. When hiring new employees it is important you test their time management skills. Give them a few exercises to do and give them an appropriate time limit to get them completely. This [...]

Safety Jokes in the workplace can bring a little fun and excitement into the hum drum of normal office life. Each week bring in a new safety joke and post it in the break room. Let your employees laugh a little. Still it is important to make your employees understand that safety is no laughing [...]

Why is safety in the workplace important? This is a question that I think many managers find themselves asking themselves a lot. There are many reasons why safety in the work place is very important. There are two major reasons that will be talked about here. The first is about employees being comfortable and confident [...]

Ladder safety must always be taken seriously. Each year in the U.S more than twenty thousand people are rushed to the emergency room due to ladder related falls and accidents. Ladder accidents and falls can result in severe injury and in some cases even death. The proper precautions must always be taken. Everyone should be [...]

Every employer is responsible for complying with Health and Safety standards and regulations found in General Industry (29 CFR Part 1910)
Or in Occupational Health and Safety Standards for the construction Industry.
All states have a Health and Safety Act.
All companies what to prepare a complete Health and Safety Program in writing for their business. The [...]

Some of the required OSHA Workplace Safety Programs would include:
Asbestos Awareness
A presentation of the history, physical characteristics, and various types of asbestos containing materials. Discussions also include presumed asbestos containing material, friable conditions, exposure protection, potential health effects, and medical monitoring programs.
Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness
This class provides an overview of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. [...]

MSDS known as Material Safety Data Sheets. You should see these manuals around your workplace with the big letters of MSDS. Normally they are yellow or blue binders holding pages of data sheets.
In a large hotel casino the safety manager should house all the data binders but each area of the hotel and [...]

Lab safety should always be taken seriously. Severe burns, fires, and even death can result from the avoidance of lab safety procedures. Dressing appropriately is one of the most important safety procedures in any lab. If a person has long hair it should always be tied back. Jewelry and baggy clothes should never be worn. [...]

Some examples of OSHA Fines would be the following.
1. The employer did not furnish employment and a place of employment which were free from recognized hazards that were causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees in that:
a) Employees were exposed to injuries resulting from being struck by vehicles driven by [...]

Internet safety tips may seem obvious, but not all of them are. When it comes to your family you always want to protect them from harm. The internet is the perfect place to start. Predators lurk around every corner and if you don’t take the proper precautions your children could be at risk. There are [...]

Safety games and free workplace safety games are a fantastic way to bring both fun and safety into the workplace. As important as safety is, most of your employees probably find learning the safety procedures to be a dull and boring task. If safety training is boring and uninteresting more than likely it won’t stick [...]

Safety at work makes sense when supervisors get involved with the workers under them.
They prevent injuries and minimize the seriousness of injuries when an accident does occur by teaching safety at work in their divisional group meetings.
Supervisors should be taught to be “active listeners”. Communication between supervisors and workers is an important aspect of [...]

Air Safety has always been a major issue ever since the introduction of airplane technology. You always hear that a person is more likely to get into an accident in their car than as a result of failed air safety. While this may be true, it is understandable how people can still feel like they [...]

The top 10 most frequently cited OSHA Citations under OSHA standards for special trade contractors are:
1. Scaffolding - see General Requirements 1926.451
2. Fall Protection - see General Requirements 1926.501
3. Ladders 1926.1053
4. Fall Protection -Training Requirements 1926.503
5. Aerial Lifts 1926.453
6. Hazard Communication 1910.1200
7. General Safety & Health Provisions 1926.20
8. Head Protection 1926.100
9. Scaffolding - Training Requirements [...]

Your business cannot live without this safety equipment required by OSHA:
1. Smoke detectors: Install smoke detectors on every floor and outside each bedroom occupancy and test them regularly. You must keep documentation of who did the testing and when it was performed.
2. Fire extinguishers: Keep extinguishers in your kitchens including the [...]

Basic Electrical Safety is important, but by no means the end of the road when it comes to adequate protection against electrical hazards. This article on basic electrical safety will by no means make you sufficiently prepared for tasks involving work with or around electricity. Rather, this basic electrical safety discussion will give you a [...]

Swimmers, Boaters, Skiers, Crabbers, Fisherman and CHILDREN anywhere near water should exercise water safety.
Children can drown in any pool of water even something as small as 1 foot deep. Always watch that the children are no where near water without an adult that is alert and constantly watching them. There have been [...]

It can be hard to find free online workplace safety talks and safety training programs online. Many sites offer training programs but they can cost you from a few hundred dollars into the thousands or they say they offer training and you click on the link and it’s a bunch words that don’t have any [...]

Safety Equipment is a critical component of any workplace! No matter what you do, there is almost certainly going to be some kind of dangers inherent in the job. From housekeeping to construction, every job brings with it new dangers. The kind of safety equipment you will need for your workplace will vary based on [...]

Safety Shoes can be an integral part of the job when it comes to workplace safety. Some jobs may require footwear as per some dress code; some may not have a dress code pertaining to footwear. Other jobs require special safety shoes due to the nature of the work. Provided below is a short list [...]

OSHA Construction Accidents are a major issue in the workplace, and even society itself. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is like the FCC or FDA of workplace safety. So, one of the greatest concerns for OSHA is construction accidents. They can cause a great deal of damage to property and injury to individuals. OSHA [...]

Safety Glasses may comprise some of the critical safety equipment for your workplace, depending upon what kind of job you have. There are certainly a must for jobs like construction, where the outdoors, heights, and the sun work together to create a dangerous situation. On the other end of the spectrum, safety glasses can be [...]

Employee safety in the workplace must be put as top priority. Safety is an issue that both employees and employers must take very seriously. Accidents can occur at anytime and anyplace, but if people are aware of the safety measures, the majority of the time accidents can be avoided. Everyone must take responsible for [...]

Workplace violence is a very series thing and is not to be taken lightly. Workplace violence is the fourth leading cause of job related injury in the United States. It is the second leading cause for males and the first for females. In 1994 around 1,100 people were murder while at work. Workplace violence is [...]

Electrical safety tips are important for each employer to have and understand. When it comes to dealing with electrical and electrical equipment, safety always needs to be top notch in the office or workplace. Many things can go wrong when working with electrical systems. Each year many people are seriously hurt and often times death [...]

Fun games for work are a great way to bring a little relaxation to the job. From time to time everyone needs a little break from work to allow themselves time to get there mind straight. Fun Safety Games In The Workplace are always an excellent method of relaxation and learning. By allowing fun in [...]

Workplace conflict is bound to happen no matter what, but understanding workplace conflict better will help you to deal with it when it arises. Sometimes you need to intervene and stop things from escalating and other times you need to know when to just stand aside and let things take their course. If you’re a [...]

How to avoid workplace injuries with careful workplace ergonomics and specifically working techniques and lifting procedures in your workplace. Workplace injuries can occur if you do not properly follow these guidelines. Perform your workplace tasks in the proper way to reduce the risk of workplace injuries.
Lifting posture, keep your stomach muscles tense to keep [...]

Conflict resolution in the workplace is a must. It is always a great idea to have a plan in place for when conflict arise and taking immediate action to solve the problem is always the best idea. At first it might seem like the right choice to avoid the problem, but avoidance never works. The [...]

The Definition of Workplace Etiquette is choosing ethical work behavior that suits your particular workplace. It is very important to examine the environment that surrounds your workplace. What needs to be changed? Do the employees show each other and you respect? Are they responsible for themselves and the areas that they work in? Have a [...]

Incompetence in the workplace always exists. Whether you are an owner of a small store or the head of huge corporation, workplace incompetence is always an issue. There are always people for whatever reason that just can’t seem to do their job correctly. Incompetence is not a mistake that a person makes every once in [...]

Managing change in the workplace can always be a challenge, but in order for a company to develop and grow change is always needed. How to manage workplace changes is a process. A company is started. They are small with few employees and few customers. Over time sales increase, customers increase and the number of [...]

Ergonomics in the workplaceis when you change the environment a person works in to help to suit that specific person. Ergonomics helps to reduce stress, fatigue, and musculoskeletal discomfort. Many injuries that occur in the work place are due to repetitive motion. A lot of body parts are affected by this such as the shoulders, [...]

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